Daily News Update: June 4, 2020


A happy birthday to my sister.

CageSide, throw some rumors our way, would ya?

  • Drake Maverick isn’t the only one WWE would like to bring back.  Other talent has been offered a return to the company, but at a drastic salary cut.  Heck, according to Alvarez, “a fair number” of those talents just might bite at Impact’s offer for Slammiversary.
  • As I’ve seen discussed here and elsewhere, WWE is using a PA system to tell the crowd to be more energetic.  Which on the surface doesn’t sound too awful, but…  “One source described it as a parent talking down to a child.”
  • Remember how Indus Sher appeared with Malcolm Bivens as manager, then nothing?  The original plan was for them to be Riddle/Dunne’s first successful defense program.  Then Riddle got called up and NXT realized Indus Sher wasn’t ready for the titles, so they decided to put the team back in storage until further notice.
  • When NJPW/STARDOM resume shows (and they will, though no dates given yet), all wrestlers will be given antibody tests.

And now, here it is, your Moment of Zen: