WWF Montreal Forum – February 3rd, 1995


February 3, 1995

From the Forum in Montreal, Quebec

This is fan-cam show so it does not feature any commentary.

This recording omits the Kwang vs. Aldo Montoya and Adam Bomb vs. Henry Godwinn matches. Upon learning this, I was so angry that I decided to deliver a rolling koppu kick to my garage shelving. I’ll let you use your imagination to decide whether or not that was true.


Bob Backlund vs. British Bulldog

Backlund offers a handshake then flips out when the crowd boos. He keeps repeating this and then all of a sudden Bulldog extends his hand as Backlund backs up before inching forward. Bulldog then pulls his hand away when Backlund accepts so Backlund ducks outside to yell at the crowd. The ref heads out to order Backlund back into the ring as we are at the four minute mark and these two have yet to touch. Backlund slides into the ring to beat the ten count where he refuses to accept a test-of-strength. The crowd seems to be getting restless as Bulldog keeps avoiding leg dive attempts. More stalling as Backlund run outside then the match cuts out to the end with Bulldog’s music playing and Backlund going mental. Apparently, Backlund lost via rollup. We saw about (5:36) here with neither man touching.

Thoughts: Incomplete with Backlund doing early 80’s house show style stuff and I wasn’t even going to include an incomplete match without the finish but if I had to sit through this crap then the least you can do his read about what I saw.


WWF Women’s Title Match: Bull Nakano (c) vs. Alundra Blayze

We get a shoving match then Blayze gets attacked in the corner. Blayze fights back then busts out a standing moonsault for a two count. Nakano drops Blayze then tosses her around by the hair a couple of times. Nakano tosses Blayze to the mat a few more times then drops her with a clothesline. Piledriver gets two as Blayze is able to get her foot on the rope. Nakano works a chin lock then blocks a kick and takes Blayze back down as she stretches her out on the mat. We get some USA chants as Nakano now uses the Angelito. Nakano gets a two count after covering with one foot then puts Blayze in the Boston Crab. Blayze escapes then runs wild. She tries a piledriver but Nakano counters that with a back drop. Blayze gets whipped in the corner but goes up and over where she lands on the apron and uses a neck snap. Nakano gets two after blocking a sunset flip then she sits on the top rope while choking out Blayze. Nakano gets two with a bulldog then we see Blayze bridge out of a pin attempt. Nakano uses a sit-down splash for two then avoids a crossbody but takes too long and Blayze takes her off of the top rope with a handspring rana. Blayze heads up top and whiffs on another move then Nakano puts her away with a draping DDT (8:41) ***1/4. After the match, Blayze is helped to her feet and gets an ovation from the crowd.

Thoughts: Apparently, Nakano just came back from an undisclosed suspension and had a good match with Blayze. It was a little one-sided but both women did a great job and got the crowd into the match. Now with her back into the


Shawn Michaels vs. Pierre 

We get some stalling from Shawn as he taunts the fans on the apron. Pierre shoves Shawn but ends up getting cheap-shotted in the corner. We then get an Irish whip sequence that ends with Pierre using a press slam. Pierre then hits a corner splash before sending Shawn over the top rope with an Irish whip in the corner. Shawn is upset on the outside as the crowd is cheering on Pierre. Shawn pokes Pierre in the eye from the apron but gets decked in midair coming off of the top rope and then clotheslined over the top rope. Pierre drags Shawn back into the  ring and hits a dropkick for two. Shawn then sidesteps Pierre and whips him into the ropes where Pierre’s neck gets caught. Shawn knocks Pierre off of the apron then taunts the fans but he was getting cheers even by this crowd. Shawn prevents Pierre from returning to the ring then dances around and mocks Pierre in between hammering away in the corner. Shawn keeps getting more cheers than boos no matter what he tries. Shawn connects with a flying elbow drop for a two count. Pierre makes a comeback with a flying body tackle but Shawn kicks out at two then hits a few elbow drops. Shawn lays across the top rope after dumping Pierre outside then heads out and rolls him back into the ring. Shawn now works a chin lock then catches Pierre with a knee smash for a two count. Shawn attacks the back but Pierre then slingshots Shawn into the corner as both men are down. They get up and Pierre hits a pair of atomic drops before dropping Shawn with a clothesline. Pierre runs wild but gets a lot of boos then heads up for a sunset flip after being sent outside and gets two. Pierre heads to the middle rope after a side slam and uses a middle rope leg drop for a nearfall. Shawn heads up the aisle and Pierre follows to bring him back to ringside. Pierre slams Shawn on the mat then files out with a somersault plancha but misses as Shawn rolled away. Shawn sends Pierre back into the ring and uses a slingshot splash with his feet landing right on the ropes in a perfectly timed spot to get the win (14:07) ***3/4. After the match, Shawn denies that he was cheating then he attacks Pierre until Rick Martel runs out, as he apparently borrowed one of Tony Garea’s suits, to make the save. Martel then takes off his shirt and tries to pump up the crowd. He then gives Pierre the endorsement but the crowd did not seem all that interested.

Thoughts: Really good match but Shawn, despite being booked as the heel, was getting at least a 60/40 face reaction from the crowd. All of the house show reports for the past few months were detailing how Shawn kept getting cheered by the crowd and per Bruce Prichard, no matter how many times they told this to Vince he did not want to accept it until he finally did then when that happened failed to credit the agents for picking it up as we will get into that later. This match also had a lot of interesting backstage elements. In his shoot interview with Hannibal TV, Pierre talked about how he asked to put Shawn over by agent George Steele then Jacques told Pierre a job here would ruin his drawing power in Montreal. And when that was expressed to Shawn, it was not handled well as Shawn told him he was a “fucking idiot” and that 30 guys just put him over in the Rumble and he has been sitting home doing nothing. Pierre said this really ruined his standing with The Kliq. But despite that, Pierre said this was the best match of his career and that Shawn was the best worker he wrestled. And boy did that come into play later in the year. The reason for Rick Martel running out for the save was that normally it would have been Jacques Rougeau but Jacques had a falling out with the company as Jacques apparently brokered a deal to rent out Olympic Stadium in Montreal for less than half price to run Backlund vs. Pierre for the title but Vince said he did not have what it takes to sell out a stadium that size. So, they tried to use Martel as a babyface to build towards a match against Shawn but that never happened either. According to Dave Meltzer in the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter,” Martel was going to wrestle matches and tape interviews that would only air in the Montreal market but Martel declined as Meltzer put it that he was practically begged by the company to do this but still did not want to participate.


Shawn comes back out to challenge “old man” Rick Martel after attacking him then insults the Montreal Canadiens, because they are losers just like Martel.


No Holds Barred Match: Owen Hart vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart

We get a slugfest after the bell. Bret takes control and beats Owen down then chases him around the ring and ends up beating him down once again. Owen tosses Bret out and slams him in the aisle before sending him into the steps. Back inside, Owen rakes Bret’s face then attacks him in the corner. Owen celebrates after hitting an enziguiri as the crowd chants for Bret. Owen now uses a chin lock until then places Bret in the tree-of-woe and stomps away. Owen taunts the crowd once again and then rips off a turnbuckle pad. Bret then blocks a turnbuckle smash and sends Owen into the exposed steel and soon after that puts Owen in the Sharpshooter for the win (5:18) **3/4. After the match we have several officials run out to pry Bret off of his brother and Bret did not release until threatened with a $20,000 fine.

Thoughts: Same as what we saw a few weeks ago at Nassau Coliseum but I liked that match a bit more. I felt Owen was able to match Bret’s intensity there more than he did for this match. These two have been feuding for over a year and there really isn’t much more you can do with these two as they will be soon moving on to other things.


WWF World Title Match: King Kong Bundy w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Diesel (c)

Bundy shoves Diesel to start. Diesel then fires away until Bundy rakes the eyes. Bundy slowly attacks Diesel as the guys behind the camera are shitting all over him. Bundy uses a corner clothesline then puts Diesel in a chin lock and that goes on for way too long. Diesel fights out then runs over Bundy but after that ends up running into a back elbow smash. Bundy then gets a two count with a fist drop and follows that up with the avalanche. Bundy taunts the crowd and tries it again then ends up eating a big boot. Diesel hammers away in the corner then uses a flying shoulder tackle then he sets up for the Jackknife but one of the druids runs in for the attack and the DQ (5:14) 1/4*. After the match, Diesel hits the two druids with the jackknife as Bundy bails.

Thoughts: Man did Bundy look like shit here. His movements and offense are on par with an enhancement level guy. Diesel tried here I thought but this stunk with a lame finish to protect Bundy, who also was refusing to put people over in this run so I assume this played into the finish. The less said about Bundy during this run, the better. The guys behind the camera openly shitting on Bundy was amusing though.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Jeff Jarrett (c) w/ The Roadie vs. Razor Ramon

Razor immediately attacks Jarrett and slugs him down a few times. Roadie trips up Razor then Jarrett follows with a pair of dropkicks. Jarrett uses a swinging neckbreaker for a two count before choking out Razor with the middle rope. The crowd gets behind Razor as Jarrett runs interference. Jarrett jumps onto Razor’s back with a sleeper hold as Roadie is on the outside pulling the ropes away. The crowd gets behind Razor as he hits a back suplex as both men are now down to the mat. They get up and Razor wins a slug fest before clotheslining Jarrett over the top rope. Jarrett then heads up the aisle and gets counted out to keep his title but Razor heads back in to toss Roadie inside where he eventually hits him with the Razor’s Edge (5:30) **1/4.

Thoughts: Short but solid match with a basic chicken-shit heel champ finish as Jarrett getting himself counted out to keep the title while the challenger got to beat on Roadie at the end.


Heavenly Bodies vs. 1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly

Del Ray taunts the fans as Prichard starts off the match against Holly. They fight over a lockup until Holly takes him down. They end in a stalemate after some mat work then Holly sends Prichard into the corner after a dropkick. Prichard now backs Holly into his corner but Holly escapes. Del Ray tags into the match and mocks Holly for being a race car driver. Kid tags in and Del Ray mocks his kicks but gets backed into the corner. Del Ray cheap shots Kid but gets knocked through the ropes. Del Ray tries to slingshot in with a sunset flip but Kid blocks that then sends Del Ray back outside with a spin kick. The crowd rallies behind Kid but Del Ray attacks him in the corner. Kid fights back though and slingshots Del Ray out from the corner. Del Ray is able to catch Kid in a powerbomb then sends him into the corner as The Bodies run interference to illegally double-team. Prichard is now the legal man and puts Kid in a surfboard. Del Ray runs in behind the ref’s back to prevent Kid from escaping as Prichard hits a backbreaker before stretching Kid out over his knee. The Bodies continue to cut the ring in half until Del Ray misses a moonsault as Kid is able to tag out. Holly runs wild on both of The Bodies briefly until he gets outnumbered. The Bodies try for a double suplex but Kid runs in with a chop block to break it up and Holly puts Prichard in a small package for the win (12:05) ***. After the match, The Bodies raise their hands and get booed then Del Ray starts yelling at the crowd to even louder boos.

Thoughts: Fun tag match here with the face team getting the win. Del Ray actually got himself a lot of crowd heat for the match and it kept thing fun. Kid was also over with the crowd and really was one of the more popular wrestlers on the roster at this time.


Tatanka vs. Lex Luger 

Tatanka attacks Luger before the bell then chops away in the corner. Luger then starts to fire up and starts beating on Tatanka. Luger uses mounted punches then no-sells an inverted atomic drop and clotheslines Tatanka. Luger gets yanked outside by Tatanka then we get some uninspired brawling outside of the ring. Tatanka rolls Luger back inside and methodically kicks him in the ribs a few times. Tatanka gets two with a chop then he uses more overhand chops to Luger’s neck. Tatanka taunts the crowd and barely gets any heat then he hits three straight elbow drops but only gets a two count. Tatanka heads up top for an overhead chop and that gets two. Tatanka yells at the ref for counting slow then Luger sneaks up from behind with a rollup that gets two. Sunset flip by Luger gets two then Tatanka catches him with a clothesline. Tatanka taunts the crowd for a better reaction then targets the neck in the corner. Tatanka now whips Luger into the corner a few times as the crowd gets behind Luger. Tatanka now puts Luger in a bearhug as it looks like the two are slow dancing in the ring. Luger breaks that up with a back suplex as the crowd has lost interest in this match. Tatanka chops away in the corner now but eats boot on a charge then Luger fires away. Luger takes Tatanka down with a bulldog and a few more clotheslines. Tatanka ducks his head for a back drop but Luger puts him in a small package and gets the win (9:12) 3/4*. We get fireworks after the match.

Thoughts: This match stunk. Tatanka’s heel work was awful. He just moved as slow as possible between moves. And the bearhug spot looked like a middle school slow dance reenactment. This feud has been going on for several months and has produced plenty of bad matches. It really did kill both guys standing with the company.


Final Thoughts: The show sold over 13,000 tickets and drew a gate of $200,000. We had some really good house show matches here and the crowd was into most of what was on this recording, making it a really good show. Quebec was one of the company’s hottest markets and they ran a lot this year. The next Quebec show I have is the 8/16/95 Vallyfield show and the next house show I have is the 3/19/95 MSG show as part of the “In High Gear” tour that has been started to get hyped on the TV show.