Macho Man Color Combinations


While reading your review of the spectrum show from 88 today, I took note of Macho Man’s blue tights which I had never seen previously. I started down a rabbit hole of checking out old house shows on the network and found a house show from summer 86 at the Boston Garden that had Macho wearing red boots.

I can’t ever recall Savage wearing anything other than yellow or white boots while wearing trunks. Are there any other crazy combinations he pulled out? Side note, if we’re talking just his trunks phase? What’s your all time favorite look for Macho Man? I always thought his Wrestlemania 5 look was such a let down compared to Wrestlemania 3 & 4. His Summerslam look in 1989 that year was bad ass though!

Didn't we just have a thread on Macho Man and all his crazy awesome color combinations? 
Anyway, classic red and yellow is my favorite, with the finals of Wrestlemania IV being the peak.  Always hated the pea soup green he wore while beating Tito Santana.