Montreal question (sort of)

Watching the Owen DSOTR episode, and hearing the Martha Hart interviews with Meltzer and Jericho got me thinking. 

Martha pretty much implies that Bret’s WWE reconciliation was due in large part to his desire to have access to his footage, so as not to have his legacy tarnished by a DVD hatchet job a la the first Warrior piece.

Assuming Bret never reconciles with Vince and is still to this day on the outs with WWE: is his legacy altered at all?

Yes, 100%!  There's no “implies” about it, WWE had a hatchet DVD in production called “Screwed” if I'm not mistaken, which was basically burying Bret over the Montreal incident ala Warrior's DVD.  And then he mended fences a bit and it got turned into the much better career retrospective set instead.  And it's a good thing too, because otherwise he'd have become a meme where people mocked him for being self-important instead of giving him the proper respect.