WWF Wrestling Challenge – January 29th, 1995


January 29, 1995

From the South Padre Island Convention Centre in South Padre Island, TX

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Ted DiBiase


The Bushwhackers vs. Brooklyn Brawler & Bill Payne

Gorilla rags on DiBiase for his Corporation coming up empty at the Royal Rumble but DiBiase says they have Undertaker’s urn. Gorilla also apologizes to Lawrence Taylor over what Bam Bam Bigelow did to him at the Royal Rumble as DiBiase admits Bigelow crossed the line but it is difficult to control yourself when provoked. Butch beats on Payne then The Bushwhackers work over Brawler. Gorilla now talks up the Bushwhackers record and how they could become champions as The Bushwhackers put Payne away with a double gutbuster (2:27).

Thoughts: Just a backdrop for the announcers to talk about the Bigelow/LT confrontation from the Rumble. They also talked up Bushwhackers as possible tag team title contenders but it seemed like more of a way to fill time rather than anything more serious.


Royal Rumble Report with Todd Pettengill. We see him discuss the Tag Team Title match and aftermath between Bigelow and LT.


Henry Godwinn vs. Jason Ahrndt

Gorilla hypes up Godwinn’s match against Undertaker next week on “Superstars.”Godwinn beats down Ahrndt then drops him with a clothesline. DiBiase laughs over the fact he has possession of the Undertaker’s urn then discuss Jeff Jarrett challenging Diesel for the World Title. Godwinn now beats on Ahrndt in the corner before putting him away with the Slop Drop (2:10). Gorilla then plugs the encore plus airing of the Rumble.

Thoughts: This was all hype for next week’s Godwinn/Undertaker match with the story of how will Undertaker fare without his urn being present.


WWF Live Event News with Tamara Murphy. Same as “Superstars” where they plug the “In High Gear” tour.


A Kama vignette airs. After it airs, Gorilla says that Kama will be in action next week as DiBiase cannot wait to meet him.


British Bulldog vs. Reno Riggins

DiBiase says that Mabel eliminating King Kong Bundy is the only reason Shawn Michaels won the Royal Rumble. Bulldog works the arm then catches Riggins with a powerbomb as the announcers talk about Bulldog almost winning the Rumble match. Bulldog now works a chin lock as Gorilla hypes the 2/11 White Plains, NY show. Riggins catches Bulldog with a thrust kick then stomps away. Riggins lands a few punches but ducks his head and ends up getting suplexed. The crowd popped for Bulldog’s delayed suplex then hits a butterfly suplex before going back to the chin lock. Riggins escapes as DiBiase once again said that Bundy would have won the Rumble if not for Mabel then Bulldog catches Riggins in midair and hits a running powerslam for the win (3:34).

Thoughts: Lots of talk about what took place at the Rumble match as they focused on the Mabel/Bundy standoff and how Bulldog thought he had the match won but Shawn was able to defy the odds and not have both feet hit the floor.


The Bigelow Slim Jim ad airs.


Pettengill now recaps the World Title and Intercontinental Title matches from the Rumble, along with the Rumble match itself.


Shawn Michaels vs. Gary Sabaugh

This is Shawn’s first singles match on Challenge in nearly a year. Shawn shakes Sabaugh’s hand then cheap shots him before the bell. Shawn tosses Sabaugh outside then sarcastically says he is sorry before inviting him back inside. Shawn slams Sabaugh then drops an elbow as Gorilla says that he heard rumors of Pam Anderson wanting to go to WrestleMania with Diesel and not Shawn. We now see Shawn punching away in the corner as his hat is still on then he hits a jumping back elbow smash. Shawn uses a chin lock as we hear chants for Diesel. Shawn’s hat falls off after connecting with a dropkick then eats an elbow smash. Sabaugh ducks his head and gets kicked then Shawn lands a super kick and falls on top for the win (2:35). After the match, Shawn rolls Sabaugh outside as DiBiase promises to add Shawn to The Corporation if he wins the belt at WrestleMania.

Thoughts: Shawn’s heel work was great here and on commentary they mentioned DiBiase possibly adding him to The Corporation if he won the title. They also brought up how Pam Anderson wanted to walk Diesel down the aisle at WrestleMania and not Shawn.


A Man Mountain Rock vignette airs.


Adam Bomb vs. Butch Long

We are shown what happened during the break as there was a confrontation between Bomb and Shawn backstage when Shawn challenged Bomb and got shoved then the two were separated by officials. Long knees Bomb in the gut but soon after that gets taken over with a hip toss. Bomb then hits a slam as the announcers talk about various subjects. Bomb now works a chin lock then puts Long away with a flying clothesline (2:16).

Thoughts: A quick win for Bomb but the real story is that they seem to be building to at least a match between Shawn/Bomb for the near future.


Pettengill now recaps the Undertaker vs. IRS match from the Royal Rumble.


Jacob & Eli Blu / Uncle Zebekiah vs. Gary Scott & Buck Quartermaine

We saw the Blu Brothers at the Royal Rumble. They were in their Bruise Brothers gear but are now hillbillies from Appalachia. And now have Zebekiah, who is in fact Dutch Mantell. Interesting story of how Mantell got this job as he was calling WWF for work and they did not have any but when he learned this team was hired, he called JJ Dillon and said since they could not cut promos he could do it for them and it got him hired. Gorilla talks about the Tag Division being up in the air as the Blu Brothers beat on Quartermaine. The announcers now talk up the fact the Blu Brothers look identical then more about the tag division. The Blu Brothers now beat down Scott then hit a spinebuster/leg drop combo for the win (3:31).

Thoughts: The Blu Brothers looked alright as the announcers spent most of the match talking about the uncertainty of the Tag Team Division.


Another Live Event News segment to hype the In High Gear tour.


An ad for the WWF Merchandise Catalog


Next week in action are Duke Droese, Bob Backlund, New Headshrinkers, Tatanka, and Hakushi. Plus, an interview with the Smoking Gunns and more.


The show closes with a Diesel video.


Final Thoughts: Only interesting stuff here was the Rumble fallout. Shawn made a rare TV squash match appearance and we did see the first tag match for the Blu Brothers as the company now looks forward to WrestleMania.