WWF Action Zone – January 29th, 1995


January 29, 1995

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Todd Pettengill

This week’s featured match is Aldo Montoya vs. Mantaur


Aldo Montoya vs. Mantaur w/ Jim Cornette

This match is from the 1/11 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings on South Padre Island, TX. Montoya bounces off of Mantaur a few times but is able to trip him up. Mantaur shoves Montoya out of the ring after a kick out but Montoya returns and uses his speed to land a few shots. Mantaur drives Montoya into the corner a few times then tosses him out before roaring. Mantaur now works a nerve hold and Montoya eventually escapes but runs into a clothesline. Mantaur roars again before going back to the nerve hold to really add some excitement to the match. Mantaur gets a nearfall with a belly-to-belly suplex as Montoya was able to get his foot on the rope. Mantaur then hits an avalanche but avoids misses a second attempt and ends up dumping outside. Montoya then flies out with a plancha and hammers away as Mantaur is able to beat the ten count. Mantaur lands a dropkick and goes back up top for a missile dropkick but then gets caught and dropped with a spinebuster as Mantaur gets the win (6:31) 3/4*.

Thoughts: Mantaur was just terrible in every single way. It was like he tried to wrestle as his character and had no clue so stuck to roaring and using a 70’s evil heel offense. Montoya’s flurry of offense at the end was the only thing here that did not suck. And to his credit, Montoya tried hard to get the crowd into the match.


We get a recap of the Tag Team Title Tournament Finals from the Rumble.


Jacob & Eli Blu defeat Gary Scott & Buck Quartermaine from the 1/29 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


We get recaps of Bret vs. Diesel, Jarrett vs. Razor, and the Royal Rumble match itself.


British Bulldog defeats Reno Riggins from the 1/29 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


A Kama vignette airs


Shawn Michaels vs. Gary Sabaugh from the 1/29 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Man Mountain Rock vignette airs.


A video hyping next week’s Diesel vs. Owen Hart World Title match. Well that’s no Mantaur vs. Aldo Montoya.


Adam Bomb defeats Butch Long from the 1/29 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Recap of the IRS vs. Undertaker match from the Royal Rumble.


Henry Godwinn defeats Jason Ahrndt from the 1/29 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


An ad for the WWF Superstar Line airs.


Bushwhackers defeat Brooklyn Brawler & Bill Payne from the 1/29 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Final Thoughts: The featured match was not good but next week we get a World Title match to make up for it along with more Royal Rumble fallout as the march towards WrestleMania XI continues.