WWF 1995 Royal Rumble


January 22, 1995

From the Sun Dome in Tampa, FL

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler


We see a stretch limo pull up as Dink is all excited. Pam Anderson then gets out and is greeted by all the wrestlers. See smiles before going into her dressing room as the wrestlers are disappointed.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Jeff Jarrett w/ The Roadie vs. Razor Ramon (c)

Vince once again brings up how “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers brought the figure-four leg lock to the WWF. The crowd chants for Razor as Vince makes fun of Lawler for getting beat up by William Shatner. Razor lands a few punches early then catches Jarrett with a fallaway slam. Jarrett bails and gets helped by Roadie before returning. Jarrett struts after taking Razor down with an arm drag as the announcers talk about his music career. Jarrett struts again after taking down Razor then says he is too smart. They trade hammerlocks as Jarrett slaps Razor off the back of the head after tripping him up as Jarrett now laughs in the corner. The crowd boos Jarrett then Razor punches Jarrett down before clotheslining him over the top rope. Jarrett gets helped by Roadie outside of the ring then brings his water into the ring and has a sip in the corner. Jarrett hands off the bottle then taunts the crowd. Jarrett challenges Razor to a test-of-strength but Razor did not take the bait. Razor works the arm while slapping Razor off the back of his head. Vince then talked about Todd Pettengill announcing Lawrence Taylor to the crowd during the pre-show and adds that he was invited by Diesel. Jarrett hits a few dropkicks then whips Razor into the corner a few times. Razor ducks an enziguiri but whiffs on an elbow drop as Jarrett covers for two. Jarrett works a chin lock but Razor fights out and uses a backslide for two. Jarrett then catches Razor with a clothesline for two then they reverse pinfalls until Jarrett hits a dropkick for another two count. Jarrett jumps on top of Razor’s back with a sleeper but Razor shakes him off and that leads to a reversal sequence ending with Jarrett hitting a swinging neckbreaker for two as Jarrett keeps putting his feet on the ropes for leverage until the ref takes notice. Jarrett fires away in the corner but Razor slides outside and crotches Jarrett against the post. The crowd loved that spot. Razor then hits a clothesline from the middle rope that gets two but Jarrett sidesteps a charge and Razor gets tossed outside. Razor now starts limping while grabbing his left knee and Roadie takes him out with a chop block while Jarrett distracted the referee. Razor pulls himself up but falls despite the crowd cheering and he ends up getting counted out (11:50). Jarrett is pissed that he will not get the title then has Roadie hand him the mic. Jarrett says that no one wants to see him get his hand raised but rather to win the IC Title. He then calls Razor a coward for taking the easy way out then starts a “chicken” chant but Razor has had enough and wants the match to restart. Jarrett smiles and promises to break Razor’s leg. Razor sends Jarrett into the corner and rolls him up for two but Jarrett gets up and kicks out his leg. Razor uses a small package for two but Jarrett goes back to the knee. Jarrett then locks on the figure four as Razor does everything he can to reverse the hold then finally breaks it after slapping Jarrett a few times. Razor limps around but wins a slug fest and rolls through a pin as Jarrett fell on top of him during a super back suplex. Razor gets up then gets Jarrett up for the Razor’s Edge but his knee gives out then Jarrett immediately uses a small package for the win and the Intercontinental Title (18:09) ***. After the match, Vince puts over Razor’s courage and we see a replay of Roadie using the chop block.

Thoughts: I did like the match and Jarrett has been heavily pushed on TV for the past couple of months with the character now being based out of Las Vegas rather than Tennessee. Jarrett’s heel act was a little dated but he pulled it off well and the addition of The Roadie helps him out a lot. Roadie is really shining whenever he is on camera. The story was good and showed Razor as someone who would go down fighting. However, the crowd heat was lacking and really dropped off when the match restarted as if the crowd already could see the finish coming. And with the roster heel depth the way it is, its best for a heel to hold this belt for a bit so he can have some credible challengers and in theory become more over as champion. So, lets see how Jarrett fares as champion and what the company will do with Razor going forward. Plus, we also heard Vince mention that Lawrence Taylor is in attendance. Let’s see if anything happens.


Stephanie Wiand is standing backstage waiting for Jarrett but since he is not here they cut to Pettengill inside of Pam Anderson’s dressing room. She shows off all the gifts given to her by the wrestlers.


Back to Wiand as Jarrett with Roadie are celebrating. Jarrett says he is celebrating and does not have time for interviews so he’ll instead go see Pam Anderson.


Vince tells us that WrestleMania XI will take place on April 2nd from the Hartford Civic Center. And the reason for the venue was that Vince wanted a WrestleMania held in Connecticut. This was reported by Dave Meltzer of the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” at the time and confirmed by Bruce Prichard in his “Something to Wrestle With” podcast.


IRS w/ Ted DiBiase vs. The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer

The Druids are not here as Vince wonders if WWF President Jack Tunney stepped in to ban them from ringside. IRS first tells the tax cheats that no one will rest in peace until all taxes are paid. Another original promo by the Tax Man. IRS ducks out onto the apron after the bell rings. IRS stays on the apron as Vince plugs the WWF Superstar line. IRS sneaks in for a dropkick but Undertaker was not effected so IRS bails. IRS finally returns as Lawler is still bitching about the Druids not being here but IRS once again rolls outside before contact is made. Undertaker stalks IRS on the outside and gets stomped heading back into the ring. Undertaker comes back with a big boot as Lawler wants to know if Lawrence Taylor was starting the “Irwin” chant. Undertaker tosses IRS by the tie as Vince mentions Diesel being part of the NFL 75th Anniversary ceremony. DiBiase is up on the apron and IRS almost takes him down when Undertaker moved out of the way. IRS gets knocked outside and argues with DiBiase then we see DiBiase wave the Druids down to ringside. IRS now hugs DiBiase as Vince wants to know if these Druids are part of The Corporation. Undertaker drops IRS as he did not fall for the sneak attack then tries the ropewalk attack but one of the Druids shakes the ropes. Undertaker sits up then hits a few throat thrusts. IRS clotheslines Undertaker over the top rope and Undertaker lands on his feet then grabs the Druids by the throat until IRS attacks from behind. The Druids attack Undertaker while IRS distracts the referee then we see IRS put Undertaker in an abdominal stretch while grabbing the ropes for leverage. Undertaker breaks it up with a hip toss but whiffs on an elbow drop. IRS stomps away then paces around after hitting the Write Off clothesline. IRS drops a few elbows then a leg drop but Undertaker sits up to avoid an attack then both men collide. We see a Druid put IRS on top of Undertaker as the ref was distracted but that only gets two. Undertaker then fights off the Druids as he has IRS up for the tombstone but IRS slips out and hits the Write Off again. Bearer screams about the power of the urn then Undertaker catches IRS with a chokeslam and gets the win (12:21) 1/2*. The Druids attack Undertaker after the match but Undertaker fights them off. We then see King Kong Bundy enter and yell at Undertaker as they stare each other down but that allows IRS to attack Bearer from behind and steal the urn. Undertaker sees what happened as Bundy now attacks him from behind. Bundy hits Undertaker with an avalanche then hits a splash as IRS heads through the curtain with the urn. The Corporation leaves as Bearer uses the fans cheers as power to get Undertaker up as Undertaker staggers backstage.

Thoughts: This was easily the coldest match heading into the PPV and IRS was probably the most tired act on the roster and despite the added smoke and mirrors with The Druids the match still sucked. It was like a 5-minute match stretched out into over 12 minutes but the Undertaker vs. Corporation feud with continue now that the urn has been stolen as it appears Undertaker vs. Bundy is now on the horizon. Oh joy.


We see a follow up of the Bret Hart/Diesel interview from “Action Zone.” Pettengill is in Diesel’s locker room but Diesel says its not time as he tapes his wrists. We then see Pettengill in Bret’s locker room as Bret says he lost the title at Survivor Series and he’s thought about winning it back ever since and despite liking Diesel its business. Bret then tells Pettengill to leave after being asked about the Jackknife. A nice follow up to the interview from earlier with both guys done playing games and trying to focus on each other. And speaking of focus, in the “1995 WWE Timeline” by Kayfabe Commentaries, Diesel said that at this time, his “crew” always came into big matches hungover. He said this because its easier to focus when you are feeling miserable. Diesel did recall that he passed by Lawrence Taylor at 4am this very day when the latter left the Dollhouse (a strip club in Tampa) and LT commented how they were just as nuts as he was during his playing days when it came to partying the night before a game.


We hear from the hosts as Lawler talks about the nerves and pressure you get heading into a big match.


WWF World Title Match: Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. Diesel (c)

Both men are aggressive to start. Diesel catches Bret with a slam but misses an elbow drop and gets clotheslined. Diesel clotheslines Bret over the top rope then they slug it out as Diesel knocks Bret off of the apron. Bret then trips up Diesel and slams his leg off of the post and gets some cheers from those nearby as Diesel is not the crowd favorite at this point. Back inside, Bret works the leg and even locks on the figure four but Diesel is able to make it to the ropes. Bret keeps the hold on a bit longer then drags Diesel back into the middle of the ring as the announcers talk about his newfound aggressiveness. Bret re-applies the figure four then ends up kicking Diesel to the floor where he wipes him out with a tope, which also gets cheers. Bret sends Diesel into the post but Diesel reverses an Irish whip and sends Bret into the steps. Diesel brings Bret back into the ring and sends him into the corner. Diesel peppers Bret with elbow smashes in the corner then hits a side slam for a two count. Diesel chokes out Bret in the ropes then stretches him out over his knee. Bret escapes but Diesel covers for two then knees Bret in the corner. Bret fights back but Diesel overpowers him to regain control. Diesel now tries a backbreaker submission but Bret is able to escape. Diesel takes Bret down and catches him with a big boot before dropping an elbow for two. Diesel then eats boot on a charge in the corner and Bret comes back with a flying clothesline as both men are down. Bret goes back up top but Diesel picks him up, only for Bret to fall on top for two as Diesel is selling the leg. Bret gets dumped outside on the kickout then trips up Diesel and uses his wrist tape to tie Diesel’s legs together before stomping away. The ref cuts the tape and that gets some boos then Bret uses a bulldog for a two count. Bret gets a few more nearfalls then grabs Diesel’s legs and finally releases when Diesel grabs the ropes. Bret clotheslines Diesel over the top rope but gets caught when trying a pescado and Diesel rams Bret into the post. Diesel tosses Bret back into the ring and hits the Jackknife but Shawn Michaels runs in to break up the pin. Shawn hammers away on Diesel then attacks the leg as the ref finally kicks him out. The bell has still not rung as Shawn finally leaves as we await the decision then learn the match will in fact continue. Both men struggle to get to their feet but its Bret who attacks first. Bret targets the leg then puts on another figure four but Diesel punches out of that then the two fight in the corner. Bret bends Diesel’s knee back a few times but misses a charge and Diesel punches away. Bret is able to attack the leg again as he now grabs a chair to attack Diesel’s knee and finally gets some boos for the match. Vince believes he missed with the chair as Bret turns over Diesel for the Sharpshooter and that does get some cheers but now Owen runs out to break the hold then unties the top turnbuckle pad and sends Bret into the corner. Owen leaves and tells us Bret is a loser and that he is the king of the family. We are once again informed by the ref that this match must continue as now each man has been attacked by someone else when they had the match almost won. Diesel crawls over to cover Bret but that only gets two. Diesel tries to send Bret into the exposed steel but Bret reverses then hammers away. Bret drops Diesel but Diesel gets back up and fires away until Bret falls through the ropes and ends up hung upside down on the middle rope. Diesel grabs a chair but Bret rolls back inside. The ref yells at Diesel as Bret is back down on the mat as Vince wonders if he is playing possum. Bret clutches his knee then surprises Diesel with a small package for two then tries a reverse rollup but ends up sending Diesel into the referee. Shawn, Owen, Bob Backlund, Jarrett, and Roadie run in and beat on both men until the bell finally rings. The goof squad runs out to break this up, men who by most talent accounts were some of the worst road agents in wrestling history, and everyone clears as both Bret and Diesel are on the match. We then learn that the match is declared a draw due to the ref’s inability to control the match but the wrestlers run back in to attack (27:21) ****. Backlund has Bret in the crossface chicken wing as Diesel clears the ring then Diesel pries Backlund off of Bret. Shawn then yells for Diesel to come out and face him. Diesel helps Bret to his feet but Bret shoves him off first but then shakes his hand and hugs Diesel before giving him an endorsement. Diesel then returns the favor as Bret leaves while Diesel raises his arm as his theme plays.

Thoughts: This was really one hell of a match. I don’t think the finish was great by any means but understandable in that they wanted to protect both guys. And they were still running Bret vs. Owen at house shows so Bret getting fucked over by Owen adds more heat than Bret getting pinned before endorsing Diesel. The fans liked Bret but some did turn on him as the match continued, which is a testament to Bret’s ability as a worker. And Diesel also held up his end of the match so it was not some total carry job here. In his autobiography, Bret did talk about Diesel at this point and how his head started to get big after what the company was feeding him about getting bigger checks and spotlight and how he assured Diesel this match layout would be for the best so Diesel did not get booed by the fans. And the crowd never did turn on Diesel here. Diesel also elaborated on some of the promises Vince told him when he became champ, like how he envisioned a three-year title reign. Lets see how that one turned out.


Vince plugs the Superstar Line.


Pettengill is back in Pam Anderson’s dressing room and nervously hands her a piece of clothing while she was getting dressed.


Wiand is with 1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly. They talk about being underdogs just like the San Diego Chargers in the Super Bowl.


Lawler uses his Royal Magistrator to draw himself giving Pam Anderson a kiss as he claims to have a date with her after the show.


Tag Team Title Tournament Finals: Bam Bam Bigelow & Tatanka w/ Ted DiBiase vs. 1-2-3 Kid & Bob “Spark Plugg” Holly

Lawler mentions how Bigelow & Tatanka have defeated Kid & Holly in singles matches the past two weeks on “Action Zone.” Tatanka tosses Holly then hits a side slam. Holly comes back with a spinning head scissors then a few dropkicks. Bigelow tags and charges but Holly uses a drop toe hold. Kid tags in but Bigelow takes them both down with a double clothesline. Bigelow hammers away on Kid then tries a pop-up powerbomb but Kid counters with a hurricarana in a spot that gets the double feature treatment. Tatanka is in and beats on Kid in the corner. Bigelow & Tatanka neutralize Kid, who remains resilient and constantly fighting back. Kid sends Bigelow over the top rope with a back drop and tries to fly out but us stopped by Tatanka. Holly tags and both Kid and himself are caught trying crossbody blocks but they slip out and make their opponents collide. Holly works over Tatanka until he gets low bridged by Bigelow. Bigelow stomps on Holly before rolling him back into the ring. Tatanka beats on Holly as the announcers talk about the Rumble match. Tatanka hits a powerslam for two but Kid makes the save. Bigelow comes in and holds up Holly but accidentally gets hit by a flying chop from Tatanka. Bigelow hits Holly with an avalanche then tosses him to the floor. Bigelow breaks up a sunset flip attempt with a sit-down splash then hits an enziguiri for a two count. Holly doesn’t know where he is and tags Tatanka then ends up getting beaten down. Holly manages to fight back but Tatanka rakes the eyes to regain control. Both men collide when attempting crossbody blocks and are out on the mat. They both tag out as Kid drops Bigelow with a kid then a missile dropkick. Kid takes Tatanka off of the apron then flies out with a somersault tope. Tatanka makes the save after Kid used a crossbody then the match breaks down. Bigelow press slams Kid to the floor then Tatanka rolls him back inside. Bigelow heads up top for a moonsault but Tatanka stalks over Holly and bounces off of the ropes, causing Bigelow to fall. Tatanka is pissed then he gets dumped outside as Kid rolls over and covers for the win (15:46) ***1/2. The crowd popped good for the finish. Bigelow gets up to realize that Tatanka & DiBiase have bailed. Bigelow then heads out and yells at the fans for laughing at him over the loss. Bigelow then sees Lawrence Taylor laughing as Vince orders the camera to stay here instead of cutting to Wiand with Kid & Holly. Taylor is up at the guardrail as he was smiling then Bigelow pushes him and leaves as Taylor’s people hold him back. Bigelow has some trash thrown at him when he heads up the aisle as Taylor calmly sits down. Lawler lets us know that Vince is off the headset and in such a tone where they are trying to portray that this was not in fact part of the show.

Thoughts: Really fun tag match and despite the actual finish not being the greatest, the result was awesome and it got a great reaction from the crowd. Bigelow gets pinned again and causes the rest of The Corporation to get upset. But, the big news is what took place after the match. On commentary, they sold everyone as laughing at Bigelow because he lost to the underdog duo of Kid & Holly. The fans jeered him a bit but laughter was not heard. Anyway, the spot with LT getting pushed came off great and got real heat as we saw Bigelow get pelted with trash. Treating it like a shoot on commentary was another aspect I liked as it made it feel more special and memorable.


Pettengill voices over a video package from last year’s Rumble match.


We hear from Shawn Michaels and Lex Luger putting themselves over as winning the Rumble match.


A somber Vince apologizes for Bigelow’s behavior. Let’s see how they address this going forward.


Pam Anderson is escorted to ringside and waves to some fans.


30-Man Royal Rumble Match

#1 is Shawn Michaels and #2 the British Bulldog. Pam was smiling as Shawn was posing in the ring. And Bulldog was still sulking all the way down the aisle to play off his number drawing that we saw on “Action Zone.” Shawn attacks Bulldog before the bell. Bulldog fights back and hits a press slam then Shawn bumps around while Vince stresses this will be the fastest Rumble ever due to the 60 second intervals. #3 is Eli Blu and since no one knows who he is the crowd is silent. Eli would be better known as Ron Harris, one half of the Harris twins. He towers over both guys and works them over for a bit. #4 is Duke Droese and he gets booted in the face by Eli. Droese now hammers away on Shawn while Eli and Bulldog are going at it in the corner. #5 is Jimmy Del Ray and he goes after Droese. Everyone goes at each other and Del Ray almost has Shawn over the top rope at one point. #6 is Sionne as Shawn lands on the apron. Shawn flies in to take Bulldog down with a flying double ax handle. Bulldog clotheslines Del Ray over the top rope for the first elimination of the match. #7 is Tom Prichard and he goes after Eli. Sionne tries to eliminate Shawn with a press slam but Shawn slipped out. #8 is Doink and he goes after Sionne. #9 is Kwang and blends in with the rest of the scenery. #10 is Rick Martel, who is replacing the fired Jim Neidhart. He goes after Doink as we see Kwang try to eliminate Shawn.

#11 is Owen Hart as he taunts the crowd on his way to the ring. However, Bret runs out and attacks Owen from behind and hammers away until several officials run out and eventually pull him off as Vince tells us that Bret is a changed man. Bret is going to cost Owen a title shot due to the fact Owen cost him the belt earlier on in the show. #12 is Timothy Well as we missed Owen getting eliminated. Shawn then eliminates Droese and Bulldog gets eliminates Well. And now Sionne gets rid of Martel while Shawn gets rid of Prichard. #13 is Luke as Kwang eliminates Doink with a thrust kick then Eli and Sionne eliminate each other. Luke heads in and Shawn dumps him in about 10 seconds as we are down to the two men that started the match. #14 is Jacob Blu, better known as Don Harris, and he clotheslines Shawn out of his boots but misses a charge and gets backdropped over the top rope for a quick elimination. Bullldog scoops up Shawn and tries to eliminate him but Shawn was able to grab on to the ropes. #15 is King Kong Bundy as a replay shows that Bulldog was the one that eliminated Owen. Bundy immediately does a crappy rest spot on the ropes as he apparently became gassed walking down the aise then #16 is Mo and he is dumped by Bundy in about three seconds. Bulldog fails to slam Bundy and gets choked out on the ropes as Shawn takes a breather. #17 is Mabel and he goes right after Bundy. This showdown has been hyped on TV for weeks but did not get much of a reaction. The two shove each other then slug it out as Mabel eliminates him in slow motion with Bundy going outside in a way you would expect from someone in their first week of wrestling school. #18 is Butch and he is tossed over the top rope by Shawn. Back to Bundy, he was hyped as a favorite and he lasted three minutes, looking terrible the entire time. #19 is Lex Luger and he runs wild. He eliminates Mabel with ease then beats on Shawn. #20 is Mantaur and he attacks Luger then Bulldog. Shawn works over Luger in the corner.

#21 is Aldo Montoya and he goes right after Shawn. Luger & Bulldog double-team Mantaur as Shawn now beats on Montoya in the corner. #22 is Henry Godwinn and he goes after Mantaur then Luger. We take a look at Pam Anderson at ringside as I guess they wanted to make sure the viewer didn’t think she bailed. #23 is Billy Gunn and he goes after Mantaur while Vince hypes the Smoking Gunns vs. 1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly Tag Team Title match for RAW. #24 is Bart Gunn and he gets attacked by Mantaur as things have slowed down. #25 Bob Backlund but Bret Hart runs down to drag him off of the apron and hammers away. #26 is Steven Dunn and he lands a few punches. Backlund finally gets into the ring but Luger clotheslines him from behind for the quick elimination. Bret then attacks Backlund in the aisle as officials once again try to separate him from Backlund. #27 is Dick Murdoch and he goes after a few people as Vince brings up how he was a former Tag Team champion with Adrian Adonis. #28 is Adam Bomb and he beats on Dunn in the corner. The announcers talk about both Shawn and Bulldog still being in the match #29 is Fatu and he goes after Billy and they slug it out. Luger finally eliminates Mantaur as Lawler now picks Shawn to win the match. #30 is Crush and he eliminates the Smoking Gunns. Montoya then eliminates Dunn as we go split-screen to see Pamela Anderson. Vince says we will never get a repeat finish like last year with two guys both having their feet hit the floor at the same time. Murdoch almost has Shawn gone but Shawn is able to free himself. Murdoch and Fatu trade crawling headbutts as Murdoch predictably loses that battle. Crush then eliminates Bomb and celebrates after thinking he did the same to Fatu but ends up getting dropped with a thrust kick. Shawn eliminates Montoya and now Crush finally gets rid of Fatu. Murdoch busts out a dropkick on Godwinn and follows that up with a airplane spin but they accidentally hit Shawn and that somehow causes Murdoch to spill over the top rope while Godwinn was able to hang on the ropes and get back into the ring. It was a nice showing for Murdoch to be honest. We get some brawling then Luger gets rid of Godwinn.

Shawn, Bulldog, Luger, and Crush are the final four competitors. Shawn & Crush team up and try to get rid of Luger but we see Luger fight them both off. Luger hammers away on Crush in the corner and uses mounted punches but Shawn attacks Luger for the elimination. Shawn tries to get Crush to work with him and get rid of Bulldog. They slap hands before attacking Bulldog then they start taunting the crowd. Crush then boots Shawn and lifts him over his head but Shawn escapes then avoids a charge as Bulldog eliminates Crush with a clothesline. The crowd cheers as we are down to the two men that started the match. Shawn takes some bumps for Bulldog then gets clotheslined over the top rope and Vince thinks Bulldog has won while Bulldog’s music plays but we saw that Shawn was hanging on the ropes and Shawn runs in and knocks Bulldog off of the middle rope where he was celebrating and over the top rope. Finkel then tells us only one foot hit the floor and Shawn is announced the winner (38:39) ***. We are then shown the replay as Shawn had one foot hit then kept kicking around so much it was tough to see anything else hit. Actually, they did a great job with the replay angle. Pam then heads into the ring while Shawn poses and looks like she would rather be anywhere else and leaves while Vince reminds us she will be accompanying Shawn down the aisle at WrestleMania.

Thoughts: Not the best but certainly not the worst Rumble match either. The story of it starting and ended with the first two guys was good and we saw Bret get revenge by costing Owen and Backlund the match to keep those storylines going. However, the rest of the stuff going in was uneventful and besides Shawn there were not any other standout performances. Shawn was great in this match. Bundy was hyped up big as a favorite and bombed here plus looks weak in what appears to be a new feud with Undertaker. At least Luger didn’t look like a complete putz and showed good fire but he is no longer considered a top guy. The quick pace was for the best with the lack of talent in the match and Shawn winning allows them to continue the feud against Diesel.


Final Thoughts: I felt that this show exceeded expectations. Besides Undertaker vs. IRS, everything else was good and a few matches really exceeded expectations, like the World Title match. Shawn going the distance to win the Rumble puts him over as a top heel and will head into WrestleMania to face Diesel, his former bodyguard. There is a lot of history there and makes a lot of sense on paper and with Shawn being one of the more entertaining characters on the roster. The other big story is Bigelow pushing Lawrence Taylor and how it was played up was obvious that this would not be the last time LT would appear on WWF TV. RAW is live the next night and has the Tag Team Title match plus an appearance by the Royal Rumble winner. While this show took place in a down era during company history, this show was quite good and it breezed by so its an easy watch if you’re feeling nostalgic.