Watching New Japan for the First Time

Hey Scott.


I’ve been a wrestling fan since the late 1980’s, but never watched New Japan. Would you or those on the blog recommend just jumping into New Japan World or watching some stuff on YouTube first?


I’m really curious but kind of lost as where to start, since I understand that they’ve been around since the 70’s. I wouldn’t want to go back that far, but we’re they considered really good in the mid 90’s and on?


Yeah, dude, that's an understatement.

If you have New Japan World, Kevin Kelly is actually doing classic matches with newly recorded commentary, and it might be immensely helpful if you're a newer fan.  I'd actually recommend finding episodes of the New Japan World on AXS shows with Jim Ross & Josh Barnett doing commentary for newer stuff, because it's 100% presented as “Here's a way for more casual viewers to understand the characters and what's going on.”  

Here's a pretty good playlist from YouTube explaining everything for new fans as well: