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What happened to you Scott? I get these are crazy times and wrestling with no crowds really shines a light on their issues and poor creative, especially WWE. But you make Uncle Dave look like Switzerland in the battle of WWE vs AEW with how you just gush over everything AEW does and crap over WWE even though you barely watch it. If WWE put on a show like dynamite last night you would of trashed it. Recycled tyson angle, thrown together tag teams getting title shots, and barely any follow up from the PPV. That show was terrible and your review was so positive.

I get you are jaded with Vince and WWE but at least be consistent with your criticisms. You are always ready with snarky comments on WWE's lower ratings but I never see digs with how AEW has TNA level ratings that is half of what they had when they started a year ago. Clearly what they are doing is not working or they be growing there audience.They say wins matter but all these rankings are based off jobber wins. Omega has barely even fought this year and has remained top 5, why because he is an EVP? Cody has been taking up a spot even though he couldn't even fight for the title. But you say nothing about any of that. No way you would let WWE get away with that.

You say WWE can't make stars, who is over in AEW that they created? They have mostly relied on ex wwe guys which is opposite of what Cody is always saying they were going to do. Is Tony funding this page that you can't bite the hand that feeds? Have you ever thought the reason your views are down is because other readers are thinking the same thing? Or maybe we stop clicking on your WWE reviews because you just poop on it regardless if its good or not. You won't watch NXT without fans even though they probably put on the best weekly matches cause of no fans but you will fanboy out for AEW garbage. And as shady as Vince is he actually tried to do something halfway right with no fans in the audience due to social distancing but you never said anything. Meanwhile AEW has not abided at all with social distancing with the wrestlers in the crowd but you never called them out like the shots you take at WWE.

I am sure you won't read this or post it but as a long time reader I just ask you to not do what AEW is doing. Which only worried about what a select fans want and maybe pretend to appeal to everyone with some unbiased rants. 


Seth Rollins

I enjoyed the twist ending.