Knock On Effects

Hey Scott,

I'm going through WWF in early 2000 and enjoying going back to my childhood. Was wondering about what the original plans of certain situations were:

1) Chris Jericho was advertised as being in the 4-way at Mania; how come he was replaced? What would've been the deal with Benoit and Angle and the Euro-continental titles without him in the triple threat?

2) What were the Outlaws' plans had Billy Gunn not got injured? What do we get instead of X-Pac/Dogg vs Kane/Rikishi at Mania with a fit Billy?

3) What was the deal with Edge and Val Venis? There was so much talk about Edge marrying Val's sister and then nothing came of it?

4) On a separate note; do you know what the contract details were for the Radicalz? Were they on equal contracts or was Benoit seen as the star and on more money than the others?

Thanks as always, still love reading articles on the blog daily!

1.  The triple threat came about because Jericho was pulled from the main event and plans were all wacky in the woo woo from the Radicalz jumping anyway.  So there wouldn’t have been a triple threat.  Angle was in a totally different direction until February anyway.  
2.  I imagine, just based on where stuff was going, that if Billy was healthy and Undertaker also hadn’t wrecked his shoulder in rehab, that we would have seen Xpac and Outlaws vs Brothers of Destruction so Kane could kick Xpac’s ass for the Tori stuff. 
3.  That was just one of those dropped angles as a result of the Radicalz reshuffling the mid card.  
4.  They all negotiated as one unit coming in and then obviously later on Benoit and Eddie got much bigger deals on their own.