What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – April 1, 1995

Jim Ross and Les Thatcher are doing commentary and they are still in Council, Virginia.

Opening Contest for the Beat the Champ Television Championship:  Killer Kyle (Champion w/the Gangstas & D’Lo Brown) (2-1) pins Kenny Arden after a spinebuster at 1:42:

Arden was a large Tennessee-based worker, often used as an enhancement talent in Southern promotions.  Kyle cannot lift Arden for a suplex so he delivers an awful looking spinebuster for the three count.  Ross expresses his displeasure with the match by saying that it is “mercifully over.”

Ross interviews Boo Bradley, who shares his views about racial justice.  He promises to take care of Killer Kyle because he is not a nice guy.

Ross interviews SMW Tag Team Champions the Rock N’ Roll Express, who will defend the titles against the Dynamic Duo in a coal miner’s glove match at Bluegrass Brawl next Friday.  The next night at Fright Night, Ricky Morton faces Unabom in a coal miner’s glove match.  Morton vows to knock out Unabom and that the Express will retain.

Ross interviews the Dirty White Boy.  He promises to take his time busting Buddy Landel open and hitting him for each time that his family has been insulted by the Nature Boy.  The Wolfman interrupts, admitting that he has not won a match in Smoky Mountain yet, and wants to know if the White Boy would help him.  The White Boy turns him down because he does not have the time.

A video package recaps the Bobby Blayze-Landel feud.  Ring announcer Tommy Noe says that beyond Blayze and Landel wrestling for fifteen minutes at Bluegrass Brawl, they will wrestle again at Fright Night the next evening where Blayze will put up the SMW title and Landel’s Mercedes and Rolex against $10,000 Landel is posting for the bout.

Footage of the Dirty White Boy wrestling Buddy Landel in a cage match at March Madness airs.  This is the one in Johnson City as police officer Kim Birchfield held the key to the cage and took the place of referee Mark Curtis after Curtis was bumped.  Birchfield, a friend of Landel, refuses to finish counting down the White Boy after Landel uses a foreign object and the White Boy uses a schoolboy roll up to win.  After the match, Landel beats down everyone in the ring.  Birchfield delivers a promo saying that he has been assigned as the special referee at Fright Night for the White Boy-Landel match scheduled there.  The promo implies that if Landel breaks any rules he is going to jail.

After showing footage of the Gangstas defeating Bob Armstrong & Tracy Smothers at March Madness, the Gangstas, D’Lo Brown, and Killer Kyle do a taped segment where they congregate at a cemetery to show everyone that they are not scared of the Undertaker.  As wind and whistling sound effects are spliced into the video, the heels nervously stand by a grave and New Jack does his best to present a brave face.  When a wolf is heard howling, the heels flee as the “The Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult plays and a black cat is shown walking across the cemetery.

The Undertaker and Paul Bearer say they have common cause with Tracy Smothers and Bob Armstrong, which is why they are coming to Smoky Mountain.

Ross interviews Jim Cornette.  He is very confident that the Undertaker will help Smothers and Armstrong give the Gangstas what they deserve.

A video package gives background on SMW Champion Bobby Blayze.  It puts him over as a guy who does not quit.

New Jack (w/Mustafa & D’Lo Brown) beats Tracy Smothers (w/Boo Bradley & Jim Cornette) (0-1) after a flying headbutt at 8:18:

Despite having a 1-5 overall record, Smothers gets a huge reaction when he comes out for the match and Bradley gets a similar reaction when Cornette brings him out to wave the Confederate flag.  This is a good television match, with each man working in an equal amount of offense.  Things only slow down when Jack works a long chinlock at the five-minute mark.  A spinning elbow off the top from Smothers causes Mustafa to try to interfere, triggering a big brawl on the floor between those who seconded the main competitors.  Killer Kyle comes out so he can smash Bradley’s head into the ring post and since all this chaos distracts Mark Curtis, it allows Mustafa to get into the ring and the Gangstas to hit Smothers with a powerslam-flying headbutt combination so Jack can go over.  The crowd heat helped make this match seem like a big deal.  Rating:  **½

After the match, the Gangstas, Brown, and Kyle lay waste to the babyfaces and bust Bradley open.

Tune in next week to see Ricky Morton wrestle Al Snow!

The Last Word:  The main event was the best television match Smoky Mountain has done this year and the chaotic finish was well done by all parties.  The graveyard segment was also entertaining and fans that hated the Gangstas had to be encouraged by the Undertaker coming into the territory to help Tracy Smothers and Bob Armstrong, who have been unable to checkmate them.

Here are the results from the promotion’s house show circuit for this week in its history courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

Lake City, Tennessee – Lake City Middle School – March 31, 1995 (300):     Unabom beat Larry Santo…Boo Bradley defeated Killer Kyle…The Dirty White Boy beat Buddy Landel…The Gangstas defeated Boo Bradley & Tracy Smothers.

Paintsville, Kentucky – Paintsville High School – April 1, 1995 (500): Unabom beat Kruger…Boo Bradley beat Killer Kyle…SMW Champion Bobby Blayze defeated Buddy Landel via disqualification…The Gangstas defeated the Dirty White Boy & Tracy Smothers.

Also, the third annual Bluegrass Brawl took place in Pikeville, Kentucky before the next episode of Smoky Mountain television.  No fan camera footage of the event exists, but according to prowrestlinghistory.com, the show at the Pikesville College Gym drew a crowd of 2,000 fans and a $14,000 gate.  Here were the results of that event:

-Boo Bradley (9-3) pinned Killer Kyle (3-1)

-SMW Champion Bobby Blayze (6-0) wrestled Buddy Landel (7-5) to a fifteen-minute time limit draw.

-The Dynamic Duo (3-3-1) beat SMW Tag Team Champions the Rock N’ Roll Express (4-1) in a coal miner’s glove match when Snow pinned Robert Gibson to win the titles.

-The Dirty White Boy (5-2) beat Buddy Landel (7-5-1) in a Tennessee chain match.

-Tracy Smothers & the Undertaker defeated the Gangstas & D’Lo Brown in a handicap, loser salutes the flag match when the Undertaker pinned Brown.  Bob Armstrong did not participate in the match because he was attacked by the heels before the match.  After the match, the Undertaker brawled to the back with Killer Kyle while the Gangstas beat up Smothers and Cornette.  Armstrong tried to make the save but was beaten down and an “X” was spray painted on his chest.

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