Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #370 – 27/05/2000

Hello You!

Last week’s show was pretty throwaway with little of any real importance going on. Let’s hope this one is a bit more exciting.

Let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

This week’s matches were taped from Atlanta, Georgia. Sadly they haven’t tried going to centre stage again, which is a shame as last time they did the show looked much better than usual.

Calling the action is Joey Styles

Da Baldies of Spanish Angel, Tony DeVito and Vic Grimes come down to the ring. Angel starts yelling at a fan on the front row as we hit the opening montage.

Steven Prazak does a backstage interview with Justin Credible and Francine. Prazak wants to know if Credible is vulnerable due to a concussion. Credible and Francine give him a tonne of trouble for that one.

Opening Match
Da Baldies Vs Nova, Chris Chetti and Kid Kash

Nova and Chetti have had their issues with Da Baldies recently, and they get to shine on DeVito early on with some nice tandem offence. Grimes overpowers all of the babyfaces but Kash uses his speed to rana him and then dropkick him outside of the ring before following with a dive off the apron. Well, if you’re going to have a 200 pound guy bump around a 350 pound guy then that’s the way to do it. Kash follows that one up with a big dive onto everyone in the aisle way, which earns him a big pop from the crowd.

Eventually though the heels are able to cut Kash off back inside when DeVito catches him with a  sneaky chair shot to the back, which leads to Da Baldies getting some heat on him. Da Baldies basically becoming a mid-card tag team act is a bit disappointing considering they might have been able to do more with them if they’d done the New Jack feud better. As it is though, they are solid enough as a heel team filling out the tag ranks, with Grimes acting as the muscle.

DeVito is actually a pretty talented worker for the level that he’s at, and he wasn’t a bad promo either, but the most he got to do in WWE once ECW closed was a quick cameo on an episode of WWECW when he pretended to be a priest. Angel eventually misses a charge in the corner and that allows Kash to make the tag to Nova, who runs wild on the heels. The crowd is into him and pops for all his big moves, including a simultaneous reverse and standard DDT to Angel and DeVito.

Things breakdown, which leads to everyone fighting inside the ring, where DeVito hits Chetti with a chair. Nova and Chetti team up to take him out, but Grimes gets a Gory Bomb on Kash for a big pop from the crowd. Grimes heads up but takes too long and gets rana’d down, which allows Nova and Chetti to come off the top rope with the Tidal Wave for the three count. That might be one of Grimes’ last matches in ECW actually, as Angel and DeVito were a double act by the time summer came around.


Bit sloppy in places but the crowd liked it and it was an enjoyable TV match.

Joey tells us that tonight The Network will decide a new number one contender for Rhino’s ECW TV Title and that we will also see Dusty Rhodes Vs Jack Victory (High Spot!) in a bull rope match.


Back from the ads, Simon Diamond is cutting a promo in a toilet, where he says he doesn’t want to be a comedy act anymore. This leads him to essentially firing his menagerie of Prodidgy, Prodigette, Mitch and The Musketeer, in favour of bringing in Johnny Swinger to be his new partner.

Joey muses that Simon & Swinger could end up being the new Tag Champs, considering we don’t have Champions at the moment due to Justin Credible throwing the belts down. He also teases us about pictures of Dawn Marie.


Steven Prazak bothers Tommy Dreamer in the locker room, so Tommy kicks him out.

We get a recap of Rhino piledriving Lori Fullington (Sandman’s wife) off the apron through a table.


Cyrus is in the ring with W*ING Kanemura, where he makes Kanemura the new number one contender for the TV Title, seeing as he’s a member of The Network along with Rhino, so no matter who wins The Network regains the belt. The Sandman isn’t having that though, as he wants revenge on Rhino for what happened to his wife, so he comes down to the ring for a match with Kanemura.


Match Two
W*ING Kanemura Vs The Sandman

Kanemura worked for W*ING and FMW over the years, so he’s a perfect fit for a hardcore company like ECW. He’s nowhere close to being as good a worker as Masato Tanaka, but he can brawl and work as a heel, so he has his place on a show like this. Kanemura ducks a Singapore cane shot and takes the fight outside right away, which leads to him splashing Sandman through a table.

Sandman looks to be wearing sneakers here, which is a good way to roll your ankle when wrestling. He shrugs off getting put through a table and flings Kanemura into the metal railings before taking the fight back inside. The crowd is into this, although it’s been mostly a rushed sloppy brawl. Those matches have their place in a company like ECW though, and it’s always important to know your audience.

Sandman sets a table up inside the ring and follows up with a flip senton from the top rope to drive Kanemura through it for two. Heineken-rana comes next, but when he tries to grab his cane Kanemura’s wife (we don’t get an actual name for her) stops him. He ends up getting hold of it though and gets the White Russian Leg Sweep to earn a match with Rhino.

RATING: *1/2

This one was a Sandman match, so it was sloppy as all heck but he’s an over act, so the crowd stuck with it. It would have been nice if they could have actually given us a name for Kanemura’s wife other than just “Kanemura’s wife” though.


Back from the ads, we get clips from TNN where Balls Mahoney covers a table in thumbtacks and tries to superplex Masato Tanaka through it. Tanaka counters it into a tornado DDT though, in a spot that would probably hurt him more than Balls when you think about it seeing as he was going back first onto the tacks.

Balls cuts a promo backstage, where he insults the WCW and WWF Hardcore Divisions, saying that they aren’t really hardcore. Joey is speechless following that.

Main Event
Bull Rope Match
Jack Victory (High Spot!) w/ Steve Corino Vs Dusty Rhodes

This one is joined in action, with Victory and Rhodes both bloody and brawling into the crowd. Dusty could barely move at this stage in his career, but he’s over just by existing, which means the crowd chants for him whilst he and Victory brawl at quarter speed. Corino tries to help his buddy, but he hits Victory by mistake and that allows Dusty to drop an elbow for the three count.


Too short to rate as they cut a lot of the match out, but the crowd seemed to like it.

Joey sends to a promo from Danny Doring and Roadkill. They want the tag belts whenever it’s time for new ones to be crowned. Joey isn’t sure a chicken obsessed nutter like Roadkill would be the best PR for ECW. Really, of all the wacky people in ECW, a crazy Amish guy is the one you’re most worried about? Not the guy who dresses as an evil priest and cackles incessantly whilst setting things on fire?

Steven Prazak is backstage and decides that Raven will at least give him something. Raven says that he gave Credible a concussion and wants the ECW Title. Francine confronts him, but it’s just a distraction so that Credible can attack him. Dreamer tries to rescue his old rival but gets beaten up too.

We are treated to a long Justin Credible video, set to the “Adrenaline Rush” song that TNA used to play a lot back in the day. Well, you can’t say they aren’t trying with Credible here. It was probably too late by this stage though. If they’d done stuff like this for a while before he won the belt then maybe, but by this stage he was a tag guy in over his head. This goes on for about ten minutes and gets far beyond the level of being overkill. They must run through every Justin Credible they have in the archive. They make sure there is liberal footage of Francine included in it too so they can push them as an important duo.

Joey ponders if Credible does indeed have a concussion and states that Dreamer is more focused than ever at getting revenge on someone. Dawn Marie is also still looking to get Francine, so we close with a video package of Dawn Marie looking lovely.

In Conclusion

This one dragged a bit with the big Justin Credible video at the end. The matches weren’t of especially high quality but they benefitted from a responsive crowd and you can at least see where they are going with the Rhino/Sandman and Credible/Dreamer feuds chugging along as they need to. Not a bad show but also one you could probably skip.