Daily News Update and Chatting: May 26, 2020

Take it easy and rest your shoulder, Scott — I got your back!

Cageside, hit me with the news and rumors and innuendo!

  • Matt Riddle is getting THE CALL to the main roster.  Expect the match with Thatcher to be how they write him out of NXT.
  • They never fired Drew Gulak; his contract expired during negotiations.  Well, negotiations complete — he’s back!  Expect him on Friday.
  • The reason it took WWE so long to follow AEW’s lead of using wrestlers and staff as an audience is that Vince felt, given how big social distancing measures were, it would be a bad look on TV.  That said, until the governments give the green light to bring fans back in, this is the new normal on WWE television.
  • Matt Jackson’s torso being taped wasn’t part of the angle; according to his family, he actually did/does have a broken rib and powered through it for the Stadium Stampede.