WWF Superstars – January 21st, 1995

January 21, 1995

From the Bob Carpenter Center in Newark, DE

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler

This week, Bret Hart is the guest on the “Heartbreak Hotel.”


Razor Ramon vs. Charlie Hunter

The announcers talk about Razor facing Jarrett at the Rumble while Lawler brings up William Shatner, claiming Shatner wrote him a letter. Razor slaps Hunter then chops away in the corner after brushing off some strikes. Razor drops Hunter but Hunter comes back with an eye rake. Razor goes underneath and hits a superplex then puts Hunter away with the Razor’s Edge (2:20). After the match, we see Jarrett on the video wall. Jarrett dares Razor to put up the title right now and eggs him on a bit. Razor grabs the mic but it goes out as he starts speaking. Jarrett laughs and thought Razor would say nothing and teases Razor just wanting to hold onto the belt for a few more hours.

Thoughts: Last minute hype for the IC Title match at the Rumble, with Razor’s microphone mysteriously cutting out.


Back from break, we see footage of The Roadie in the “tech area” and how he was the reason for Razor’s mic going out. A fairly clever bit to show how much of an asset Roadie is to Jarrett.


Henry Godwinn vs. Rich Myers

Vince credits director Kerwin Silfies for being able to get a camera shot of the slop bucket contents. Godwinn runs Myers into the turnbuckle then we hear him in an insert talking about the Royal Rumble match and how he intends to win. Godwinn scratches himself against the ropes in between beating on Myers then finally puts him away with the Slop Drop (2:26).

Thoughts: Again, the evil hog farmer gimmick is heatless as the crowds get silent when Godwinn wrestles. The slop bucket is still getting a lot of focus, however.


WWF Week in Music again with Man Mountain Rock. He does word association with some bands then makes a vomiting noise when Jeff Jarrett’s name comes on the screen. Rock closes by saying he can rock and beat people up in the WWF, making it the best job in the world. The production of these Rock vignettes are more modern at least.


Adam Bomb vs. Mark Starr

Vince tells us that King Kong Bundy and Aldo Montoya are also in action later on in the show. Starr lands a few shots but gets taken over with a hip toss. Vince talks about all the stars like Shatner and Pam Anderson in the WWF as we hear from Adam Bomb telling us the “Bomb Squad” is heading to ground zero at the Rumble. Promos are not exactly Bomb’s forte. Bomb stays in control as Lawler reads a letter of apology he claimed was sent by Shatner as we get a split screen of Shatner embarrassing Lawler on the “King’s Court.” Bomb hammers away in the corner as Vince refers to him as a favorite to win the Rumble then Bomb hits a flying clothesline for the win (3:05).

Thoughts: They continued the bit of Lawler claiming Shatner apologized to him along with some generic Rumble match hype for Bomb, who Vince actually referred to as one of the favorites to win despite the fact the one feud he had with Bigelow was just dropped overnight and he has been doing squash matches ever since.


Royal Rumble Report with Todd Pettengill. We learn that the Headshrinkers and Heavenly Bodies have been added to the Rumble match. And, 1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly have withdrew from the Rumble match and will be replaced by the Smoking Gunns. They listed 29 entrants in the Rumble match as they stopped advertising the fired Jim Neidhart. Kid & Holly are in a promo as they will prove to us they will win the titles. Kid’s delivery was really wooden here but with the character they wanted him portraying on the mic, it was going to be like this anyway.


We get another Vignette for Kama. He does not play nice with others then says “actions speak louder than words” as he throws a punch into the camera. Vince also tells us that Kama will be in action here next week.


King Kong Bundy w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Nick Barberri

Barberri attempts to leg dive Bundy for some reason and gets knocked down. We hear from Bundy in an insert promo saying the Rumble match was made for him and that he will win the Rumble. Barberri gets tossed outside then dragged back in and hit with an avalanche and right after that, Bundy drops an elbow for the win (1:49) . Vince hypes up the Rumble drawing taking place on “Action Zone.”

Thoughts: Bundy is still being billed as a legitimate favorite to win the match, even though his return has been a flop for many reasons.


Heartbreak Hotel with guest Bret Hart. This is brought to us by the “Holiday Wish Tour” but in reality was taped at the 1/10 “Superstars” tapings in Corpus Christi, TX.  . Shawn brings up Bret’s recent changes in personality and with the “five o’ clock shadow.” Shawn cuts off Bret and brings up his acting on “Lonesome Dove” and the Calgary Hitmen hockey team plus hanging with William Shatner. Shawn wonders if Bret has not been spending enough time preparing for his match at the Royal Rumble. Bret said he has spent time thinking about his brother screwing him over and how seven-foot tall Diesel is now champion. Shawn then brings up how Diesel almost beat him the last time they wrestled against each other (1994 King of the Ring) but was saved after Diesel hit him with the Jackknife. Shawn adds that Bret no longer has family or friends around to save him and what will happen when Diesel drops him with the Jackknife once again. Bret says he remembers how the Jackknife feels but doesn’t know if he would have beat him as he was never pinned or submitted. Bret even adds he doesn’t know if the Sharpshooter will put away Diesel. Shawn says he hopes Bret and Diesel beat the crap out of each other but Bret yanks the mic away. Bret says he knows what Diesel is all about and is waiting for the moment. Bret then closes by saying there has never been anyone in the WWF that can wrestle like himself, the “Excellence of Execution” and that he has changed because there is no more Mr. Nice Guy and he wants the belt back. The segment itself was fine in terms of adding suspense as to whether or not Bret will turn heel but this does nothing to help out Diesel in his first title defense. The focus is still on Bret here. In hindsight, they needed a heel to feud with Diesel. He was the guy being pushed as the top star of the company and the focus should have been on him as a face.  Really, the best choice was Owen. After screwing over Bret, he was the one of the hottest heels they had and this company had nothing on the heel side to the point their other top heels were retreads like King Kong Bundy and Bob Backlund. Plus, you didn’t want to rush right into Diesel vs. Shawn.


The Pamela Anderson walking the beach Royal Rumble ad airs.


Erin Bechtold is the special guest ring announcer. She is probably about 10 years old.


Aldo Montoya vs. Nick Tarentino

Lawler makes fun of the girl for being ugly as Vince tells him to stop. Lawler now takes a shot at Montoya for being dumb to his Portuguese background, as Vince apologizes. Montoya dropkicks Tarentino out of the ring and wipes him out with a plancha. Vince says that Montoya is undefeated on “Superstars” as Tarentino rakes the eyes. Tarentino hits a leg drop for a two count as we hear anohter bilingual insert promo from Montoya, vowing to win the Royal Rumble. Montoya fights back and hits a clothesline and another dropkick while Vince plugs the WWF Superstar line. Montoya then hits a brainbuster and follows with a knee drop before the flying bulldog gets the win (2:26).

Thoughts: Some hype for the Superstar Line along with generic Rumble hype for Montoya, who since being billed as undefeated on this show sure seems like a setup for him to get pinned by someone on the program sooner rather than later.


Another Live Event Segment but this time hyping the Royal Rumble PPV. We hear from Bundy as he says his time is now and he will win the Rumble match. He even calls out Bret and Diesel by saying he doesn’t care who wins their match because all of the gold will end up in The Corporation. The promo was fine.


The show closes with the hosts talking about the Royal Rumble predictions. Vince asks Lawler who will win the Rumble match but Owen Hart interrupts to say he will beat everyone. However, Jim Neidhart comes out and says he made Owen the King and he’ll win. Davey Boy Smith and Adam Bomb both come out now to say how they will win. Shawn is now out and says its not Fantasy Island and these four “pinheads” do not have a chance as he predicts victory then poses it front of the camera before leaving. I did get a kick out of Neidhart being here despite the fact he was not advertised during the Rumble Report and officially gone from the company. However, with both Neidhart and Bomb coming out to say they are winning and being positioned as possible favorites to win, it goes to show just how shallow the depth was at this point.


Final Thoughts: Your typical last minute Rumble hype show. No featured matches and build for the key matches on the card. Given the lack of starpower they tried to build intrigue for the Rumble match but besides the gimmick itself there is not much buzz at all. Lets see how that ends up effecting the buy rate.