Stadium Stampede vs MITB

Hi Scott,

Stadium Stampede and the MITB match are bound to be compared given the style and circumstances involved.   Why did the AEW match work so well for you when you didn’t like MITB?  What were the key differences?


It had commentary that was funny and added to the match.  It was shot in a way that made sense and communicated exactly what was happening and where.  It had distinct characters who did things that those characters would do and say.  It had memorable wrestling spots that made sense within the context of the match.  The visual gags were either clever callbacks to previous related gimmicks (like the Matt Fact) or references to specific things that happened to the character previously (like the golf cart), and not just someone popping up in a Doink mask to remind us that the character once existed.  Also, everyone involved in the match had a reason to be there and it was a meaningful feud, not just some men and women randomly strewn in there because they had nothing better on the card to do with them.