Over the years I've always seen Martha Hart as somewhat of a villain in the Owen story.  She refuses to let him in the WWE HoF and wants nothing to do  with WWE or pro wrestling in any form.  But watching the latest Dark Side of the Ring on Owen, Martha is seen in a much more personal light.  She's not just a gold digger as many make her out to be, she actually has a medical degree.  When Owen died, she was left with a 7yr old and a 3 yr old child.  As a father of four, if my wife had passed away when my oldest children were 7 or younger, I would have had a hell of a time struggling to make it, not just financially, but emotionally and physically.  As much as I would love to see Owen in the WWE HoF, I now see Martha Hart's point of view and can completely agree with her side of the argument.
Damn if I didn't tear up watching this episode, especially after seeing Cornette tearing up in his interviews.  Wow, I thought Cornette was heartless.  Boy was I wrong.
Long email summary:  What are your thoughts on Martha Hart after seeing Owens' Dark Side of the Ring episode?
Thanks Scott.

I didn't watch it but anyone who opposes Vince McMahon's point of view about that incident is a goddamn hero.