Bruiser Brody – Dark Side of the Ring


I believe you said that the Bruiser Brody episode was so bleak that you didn't want to do a recap, but

  1. Please?
  2. It was so raw, can you at least give some thoughts and have a thread for people to discuss.

Semi-related – I remember that PWI at the time pretty much reported the whole thing in shoot fashion, complete with an interview with Tony Atlas.

People can certainly discuss if they want.  Hearing Abdullah just shooting the shit out of character weirded me out.  Also, Tony Atlas talking about how he was holding Brody while his intestines were spilling out and Brody pleaded not to “let them hurt me again” and Tony pledged that no motherfucker was going to touch him or else…oh man.  
Anyway, I can't even continue with the show, especially since the next one is the Von Erichs.  It's great but there's been too much horrible stuff in the business lately.