Stadium Stampede Match(because that’s the match most people will be talking about this week)

I wasn't as big on Double or Nothing as you were(Cody vs Archer was….fine) thought it was certainly decent. Both title matches were good to great…and then that main event…

The day leading up to the show was pretty terrible for me for personal reasons. I felt awful enough that I almost didn't see the show, but when that match started, I don't know the last time I enjoyed a match that much, maybe since the legendary Dallas 10 tag on Raw.

There are probably better objective matches–Okada/Omega IV is still the high mark for me–but that ended up being the pick me up I needed. I have never burst out laughing during wrestling like Page chasing Sammy down on a horse.

I have also been having a stressful and shitty couple of weeks and that match just made me so happy to be a fan again.  It really did put a smile on a lot of peoples faces.