North-South Connection Podcast Feed Weekly Update

Here’s what went down this week at the North South Connection:


From Montreal to Memphis #3 – Aaron & Reg examine the amazing WWF career arc of “Macho Man” Randy Savage:


TNA Never Dies #1 – Aaron, JT, and Jenny kick off this new series with a look at the inaugural NWA-TNA PPV from 6/19/02:


Carolina Dreamin’ #4 – Chad continues to prep his GWCW List with a look at the more hidden gems from Jim Crockett Promotions in the Summer of 1985:


Wrestling War Zone #42 – JT & Chad break down RAW & Nitro from 3/25/96, covering the fallout from WCW Uncensored and the go home to WrestleMania XII:


No Holds Barred #25 – JT & Aaron rank every WWE May PPV event from worst to best. Do you agree with their list?: