Cruiserweight Belt on NXT… Pour Quoi?

Hey Scott–

Dave has mentioned this in the Observer, but it is really strange that so much of NXT has been devoted to the Cruiserweight tournament… when NXT's Champion is Adam Cole, who barely clocks in at 210 pounds legit.

We all know that 205 Live is a nonentity, but why is the tournament not on Raw? You have three goddamn hours to fill, there are no fans to leave their seats for a nacho break when the cruiserweights come out, and that frees up a chunk of NXT for the backlog of talent that could use some TV-time reps.

It ain't like Jake Atlas and Kushida are the key to beating AEW in the ratings…

I’ve got nothing for you.  NXT is basically watched exclusively by 50 year old men who want 80s and 90s nostalgia and they deliver that instead.  And they’re shocked it can’t beat AEW.