Female Photographer at WCW Events

Hey Scott,

Our household has been doing a “through the years” if you will of WCW PPVs starting with the first Starcade and working our way on to 1994 currently. Your writings are a great companion to the shows to provide insight so I thank you for that.

One recurring theme during our viewing has been a female photographer at ringside. She is at pretty much every event from the late 80s through what we've seen in 1994. Do you know who this is and what her story was? My wife in particular finds it fascinating as a photographer herself and big wrestling fan. All other photographers are men or foreign press so her presence really stands out.

Thanks again and any insight is always appreciated.

PS – I laughed out loud when you said Honky cut a promo on your voicemail.

Honky will do whatever you want for $20 at an autograph session apparently.  

And I believe the photographer in question is the late great Georgiann Makropoulos, who was a longtime historian and photographer and actually had a pretty great book of wrestling photos many years back that I bought.  Which is where I first saw Hulk Hogan's atomic bomb chest hair, in fact.