Friday Night Open Mic: May 22, 2020

…man.  I, uh… geez.

I hate that I have to do this today.  It’s Friday, the US is ready to start a long weekend, we should all be happy.  I want to be happy, I want to feel fun.  Sit down, put on YouTube, maybe play some video games… it’s been a rough week in a string of them, and as I usually say, we’ve made it.

Only… one of us didn’t make it.

I mean, I hate to suck the life out of this place and dwell on it, but it’s kinda hitting me hard, too.  I don’t think of this place as tough, or the people here as bad people.  There’s some I like talking to more than others — no names, that wouldn’t be fair — but I honestly am cool with all of you.  And I know I’m sometimes a jackass here, but I would hope I’m good enough that y’all are cool with me, too.  That’s the place we have here.

And I know all of you were helping.  I trust that in you.  We don’t allow horrible behavior here.  We stop arguments when they get out of hand.  We’re cognizant of the idea of cyberbullying and how words have impact, and honestly, that’s great.  All of it.  Even if you do everything right, when the worst-case scenario unfolds, the pain remains.  And all of us just sit back and look back in retrospect — what was the tipping point?  Did it happen before us?

Those who were around at the right time seem to say it was a decision made that we could not overturn.  That doesn’t make it easier. Because we lost one of us.  The fact that it hit everyone so close to home when this is someone we’ve never met and only know as words on a screen shows the empathy and the camaraderie we have here.  And guys… that’s not going away.

I love you all.

Enjoy the weekend.