What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – March 25, 1995

Jim Ross and Les Thatcher are in the booth and they are taped from Council, Virginia.

Opening Contest:  The Dirty White Boy (4-2) pins Mike Samples after the Bucksnort Blaster at 1:10:

The White Boy is selling a return to his “dirty” roots, so he jumps Samples before the bell.  As the White Boy pounds away, Ross hypes a Tennessee chain match that will pit the White Boy against Buddy Landel at the upcoming Bluegrass Brawl in Pikeville, Kentucky.

Ross interviews the White Boy, who gives a crazed promo promising to give Landel an infection after he busts him open during their chain match.  The rules of the chain match are that the White Boy and Landel will be connected via the chain and the winner must touch the four corners of the ring.

Ross interviews the Gangstas, D’Lo Brown, and Killer Kyle.  New Jack vows to make the rednecks in Smoky Mountain salute his flag if it is the last thing he does.  A frantic Jack promises he will make the Undertaker pay if he can survive the six-man tag team match at The Bluegrass Brawl.

Beat the Champ Television Championship Match:  Killer Kyle (w/D’Lo Brown) (1-1) defeats Boo Bradley (9-2) after Kyle hits Bradley with a blackjack to win the title at 3:54:

Even though Bradley won last week via disqualification, he was not declared the champion and Smoky Mountain officials ordered a rematch for the vacant title.  Jack does guest commentary, having some entertaining exchanges with Ross and spicing up the match.  The match is better than last week as Bradley dominates and wrestles with more fire.  Sensing that Kyle is on the verge of losing after he barely kicks out of an elbow drop, Brown distracts the referee and that allows Kyle to hit Bradley with a blackjack to win the title.  Rating:  *½

After the match, the Gangstas, Brown, and Kyle attack Bradley and drape their “X” flag over him.

Ross interviews the Dynamic Duo.  Al Snow alleges that the Rock N’ Roll Express are terrified of facing them.  They sport wigs to mock their opponents.  Aside from Unabom doing his best to mimic a lazy eye, the comedy falls flat because Snow does not distinguish enough between himself and his Ricky Morton impression.  After making fun of Robert Gibson’s deaf mother, Snow vows that the Duo will kill the legend of the Express real soon.

The Dynamic Duo (3-3) wrestle Larry Santo & the Wolfman to a no contest when the Rock N’ Roll Express interfere at 2:43:

Ricky Morton joins the commentary team, hyping a coal miner’s glove match against the Dynamic Duo that is booked for The Bluegrass Brawl.  The Duo pulverize their opponents, with Snow blasting Santo with a foreign object behind the referee’s back.  The Express come to ringside to bring attention to it and as Gibson talks with referee Mark Curtis, Morton grabs the object from Snow and hits his adversary with it.  Seeing that the match has broken down, Curtis calls for the bell.

The Dirty White Boy interviews SMW Champion Bobby Blayze, who is wrestling Buddy Landel today for Landel’s Rolex watch.  Blayze repeats the stipulation for the match while the White Boy says he will watch Blayze’s back.

Thatcher interviews Buddy Landel.  He does not sell the loss of his Mercedes to Blayze at March Madness, saying he has another just like it and he reported the car stolen to his insurance company.  This was not as good as other Landel promos since he had to revert to old stereotypes to run down Blayze and got tripped up.  In terms of the chain match booked for Bluegrass Brawl, Landel claims to have 3,025 wins in Tennessee chain matches and is one victory away from having the all-time record.

A video package for the Undertaker airs to the tune of the Blue Oyster Cult’s “The Reaper.”   It is not a fluid video, though, as the song starts halfway through.  It is followed by a repeat of the taped Undertaker and Paul Bearer promo that aired on last week’s telecast.

Ross interviews Jim Cornette, who says that Fright Night in Johnson City will have the six-man tag team “I quit” match between Bob Armstrong, Tracy Smothers, and the Undertaker against the Gangstas and D’Lo Brown.  He says none of the babyfaces are going to quit and promises to help Armstrong, Smothers, and the Undertaker make the Gangstas and Brown salute the rebel flag.

Here is the full card for the third annual Bluegrass Brawl:  A “losers salute the flag of their opponents” match between Armstrong, Smothers & the Undertaker against the Gangstas & D’Lo Brown; a Tennessee chain match between the Dirty White Boy and Buddy Landel; a coal miner’s glove match for the SMW Tag Team Championship between the Rock N’ Roll Express and the Dynamic Duo; SMW Champion Bobby Blayze defends his title against Landel; and Boo Bradley wrestles Killer Kyle in a challenge match.  Gold circle tickets (basic meet & greet deal) are $15, ringside seats are $8, and general admission tickets are $6.

SMW Championship Match vs. Landel’s Rolex Watch:  Bobby Blayze (SMW Champion) (5-0) defeats Buddy Landel (7-4) with a Northern Lights suplex at 4:35:

Blayze does have good theme music, using “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.  Just like their match at Sunday Bloody Sunday II, Landel gets a jump on Blayze and takes his time beating him down, causing the sympathetic crowd to start cheering for the champion.  Ross and Thatcher explain away Blayze’s poor performance by saying he is going through a lot of sleepless nights with a newborn.  When Blayze hits a neckbreaker to spark a comeback he accidentally takes out the referee with a flying double ax handle.  Landel is then caught with a Northern Lights suplex and the Dirty White Boy runs in to count the fall, which is somehow official?!?!  Rating:  ½*

Ross interviews Blayze, who says he is grateful for all the good things happening to him recently.

Tune in next week to see Tracy Smothers wrestle New Jack!

The Last Word:  The main event finish made no sense.  It would also be better for the promotion to book Bobby Blayze and Buddy Landel in competitive matches because it hurts both of them to go through the same formula as Sunday Bloody Sunday II.  While Landel looks terrible for never being able to finish the champion, Blayze looks like a paper champion, doing nothing for the company’s top title.

SMW ran a few house shows in Kentucky and West Virginia during this week in its history.  Here were the results of those shows, courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

Erlanger, KY – Peel’s Place – March 24, 1995 (200):  Killer Kyle pinned Boo Bradley…SMW Tag Team Champions the Rock N’ Roll Express bet the Dynamic Duo when Robert Gibson pinned Unabom…The Gangstas defeated Tracy Smothers & Boo Bradley.  The Dirty White Boy replaced Bradley during the match and was pinned at the end of it…The Dirty White Boy pinned Buddy Landel in a steel cage match at 3:40.

Oakwood, Virginia – Garden High School – March 25, 1995 (400):    Robert Gibson pinned D’Lo Brown…Boo Bradley defeated Killer Kyle…Unabom pinned Ricky Morton…Tracy Smothers & Boo Bradley beat the Gangstas via disqualification…The Dirty White Boy beat Buddy Landel in a lumberjack match.

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