Starting to question things


When I was a kid watching Grand Prix and then later on WWF when it took over in the 80’s in Montréal, I took it as face value and…..real. (Hey I was just young and dumb)

Of course I know better now but I can remember the first time I went “hey wait a minute” Back in….87? When Dibiase just started with the Million Dollar Man and they were doing the vignettes for weeks before his debut on TV.
Finally when he came on…Maple leaf wrestling? Superstars? Of course he was squashing a random jobber.

So imagine my surprise when I was watching a similar show on a different channel coming from either the USA or Ontario, it was the same promo packages leading up to the match but his billed “debut match” was A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SQUASH MATCH. That’s when I started asking questions.

When was your “hey wait a minute” moment?


 Hulk Hogan kicking out of the Macho Man's devastating flying elbow at Wrestlemania V was where the last vestiges of my suspension of disbelief were gone.