Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #369 – 20/05/2000

Condolences to the friends and family of Larry Csonka and Shad Gaspard, who both sadly passed away this week. There’s actually a Go Fund Me up for Larry’s daughters if you feel like you want to contribute. I’ll put the link below;



Last week we had Hardcore Heaven 2000, an event which saw no belts change hands but did feature Scotty Anton turning on Rob Van Dam to cost him a match with Jerry Lynn as well as Rhino piledriving The Sandman’s wife Lori off the apron through a table in a monster bump for anyone to take, let alone a manager. Let’s see what builds from that on today’s episode

This week’s match was taped from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Calling the action is Joey Styles

We open up with Joey Styles in front on the ECW Banner, where he sends us to footage from Hardcore Heaven where we see the closing stages of the Rhino Vs Sandman bout so that we can take another look at the horrific attack on Lori again.


Cyrus, Rhino, Steve Corino and Jack Victory (High Spot!) cut a promo backstage. Rhino brags about what he did at the pay per view and reminds us that he’s called Rhino before snarling a lot.

We then get a video package with further clips from the pay per view.


Main Event
Beautiful Billy w/ Lou E. Dangerously and Elektra Vs Chilly Willy

Chilly using “Up In Here” was a great choice of entrance music I think. I remember loving that particular song on the Def Jam Vendetta soundtrack. Lou E does his usual cheap heat promo, and as usual it works a treat. The oldies are still goodies I guess. I mean, it’s total mid card heat, but this is Sign Guy Dudley cosplaying as Paul Heyman, so that’ll do. Willy is actually slang for penis over here in the UK, so his name caused me to have to stifle a chuckle the first time I heard it, but I’m guessing for American’s it was less of an issue.

Willy was a heel the last time we saw him on Hardcore TV when he took on HC Loc, but he’s a fun loving babyface now, with the joke being that he gets announced as being from whatever City of town the show is taking place from. He looks a bit like what would happen if Rikishi, Butch Reed and Daisuke Ikeda all submitted their DNA for a human cloning experiment, but he’s got good energy and the crowd seem into him. Billy and his manager’s tease walking away at first, but eventually they come back.

This is pretty much a house show special here, as both men take it easy in the early going by doing a lot of stalling and taunting before Willy goes to the ten punches in the corner. I love that spot, it’s always easy heat. Billy eventually cuts Chilly off with a super kick thanks to a distraction from Elektra, and he works some heat. Billy isn’t a bad wrestler by any means, but he’s pretty basic and doesn’t really have much in the way of charisma. His in-ring is about 6 out of 10, in that he’s serviceable and can work a match but he’s never going to be getting above the lower mid card on his own.

Billy eventually misses an elbow off the second rope and that allows Willy to make the comeback. Willy’s work isn’t amazing or anything but he has a healthy amount of charisma that makes up for it. He’s not actively bad or anything, just a bit sloppy and not especially flashy. Willy looks to have it won with a Falcon Arrow, but Elektra beaks the pin up, which is Jazz’s cue to run down and trip off her jacket to reveal her scantily clad outfit. Lou E tries to hit her with his brick sized mobile phone, but ends up hitting Billy instead, which allows Willy to pounce with a school boy for the win.


This was every “take it easy and work the crowd” house show match you’ve ever seen between two average guys. It wasn’t terrible or anything but it also felt like it never really got out of second gear either. If you saw it at a live event you’d probably have fun with it, but for TV I expect a bit more. The crowd dug it at least and popped for Willy when he won.


We get a video package detailing the schism between The Impact Players of Justin Credible and Lance Storm. Credible threw down the ECW Tag Titles that he held with Storm so that he could win the ECW Title instead. Storm was naturally salty about that seeing as he lost his half of the Tag Titles as a result. Thus the two had a match at Hardcore Heaven, which ended with Credible winning clean to send Storm to WCW. Tommy Dreamer looks to be the next challenger for Justin Creidble.


Joey is back in front of the ECW Banner, where he talks about famous injury angles through the ages, including ones that didn’t happen in ECW, before linking it all back to what Rhino did to Lori. That leads to Joey sending us to clips of Steve Corino doing colour commentary on a match from TNN, where he interrupts a match and cuts a promo on Tajiri following his bloody bout with him at the pay per view. The match appears to be a Three Way Dance between Da Baldies, Danny Doring and Roadkill, and Nova and Chris Chetti. Nova and Chetti get eliminated by Da Baldies thanks to Vic Grimes, but reply by putting him through a table. A care where being a sore loser was justified in my opinion. Grimes should be thankful that they didn’t tazer him and then throw him off a scaffold like New Jack would go on to do. Doring pins Tony DeVito soon after. What we saw of the match looked fun. Da Baldies try a heel beat down, which leads to the obvious New Jack run in to pop the crowd.


Jerry Lynn cuts a promo saying that his win at Hardcore Heaven finally proves that he is better than Rob Van Dam. We get a recap of the Lynn/RVD feud following that, with Paul Heyman doing the narration.

Rob Van Dam cuts an angry promo about losing, saying he didn’t want to lose the way he did and that he’ll deal with Scotty Anton, Cyrus and Rhino in due course. He says that he’ll be coming after Lynn to right the record books. That was a good fired up promo from RVD actually.


We get clips from the TNN show, where Credible managed to defend the ECW Title against Raven by the skin of his teeth. It looks like it was a fun match, with the usual overbooking and near falls you’d expect from a big Raven outing. You can’t say they aren’t trying to build Credible up with wins since he’s won the belt. It might be a little too late though. There’s also not many people he could beat to give him some (pardon the pun) credibility either. In most cases if someone loses to Credible it won’t put him over but rather take heat from them.

Sinister Minister is backstage with Mikey Whipwreck and a band. Minister tries to cut a promo to the music, but the guitar is out of tune so Mikey throws fire in his eyes, which leads to our weekly laughing fit.

We close with another music video. Wow, they were really light on original footage this week huh?

In Conclusion

This was pretty much the definition of a “throw away” show, as there was one original match and the rest was all video packages and recaps. An easy one to miss.