blog question(s)

Hi Scott,

Thanks for keeping me sane during this isolation.

– Why do you think Corgan is gonna close down NWA? Do you think it's inevitable? Personally, I always think Pro Wrestling people playing up anybody with semi-mainstream awareness outside of Wrestling as a bigger deal than they are and they should consider Corgan is successful in a very niche market, that is, Alternative Music and probably doesn't have unlimited resources.

– Don't you think Kamille is a star in the making, same with Thunder Rosa? I don't say that simply because I'm a female wrestling fan, these two have really shone I feel and have charisma. It'd be ridiculous if WWE wasn't interested.
I of course love the NWA product to death but it's being financed almost exclusively out of Billy Corgan's pocket, plus whatever they're making off the PPV shows so far.  YouTube revenue is falling apart right now and their product is getting colder and colder in the public eye on top of it.  For example, that last episode of Powerrr that I reviewed was one of the least-viewed reviews I've done in a long time.  The endgame for long-term survival was always going to be getting a TV deal and that's clearly not in the cards, and Corgan can't just tour and make more money at the moment.  
As for Kamille, WWE has to be interested just based on her Twitter and Instagram.  The combat boots have GOT to go, though.  Thunder Rosa would be a better fit for AEW, though.