Tito vs. Flair

Hey Scott,

Reading your recap of the 92 Rumble, it got me thinking if Tito Santana and Ric Flair ever had a proper feud or even match. I’m thinking about the early to mid 80s when Tito was one of the best pure babyfaces in the world. Tito wasn’t Ricky Steamboat in the ring, but if Ricky was A+, Tito was A- and I could totally see them pulling off a classic heel/face matchup? Being Tito was in WWF from 84 on, I doubt it happened, but maybe I’m wrong.  Anything?

Nope.  He got shots at Bockwinkel when he was in the AWA in that time period, and briefly passed through Georgia but didn't interact with Flair.  And then he went to the WWF and stayed there.  He did have a pretty good match with Flair in 91 that's on one of the Coliseum videos, though.