Corbin on top

I get the whole, “heels get booed” factor. But for literally 3 years now, they’ve been forcing Corbin down our throats on both Raw and SD and rating plummet. He’s been given at least 4-5 ppv main events and top angles with Roman/Seth/Becky/The Shield/Cena etc. He’s won MITB and KOTR and the Andre Battle Royal. 

Has there ever been a guy get this big a prolonged/sustained run for seemingly no justification. He doesn’t move merch, has literally been blamed on TV by the McMahons for rating decline, and has zero classic/great matches to his name that weren’t multi man brawls.

Is Corbin the best example of the modern WWE where ratings/PPVs no longer matter and Vince gets so much money from tv and Saudi that it just doesn’t matter who’s on tv each week?  For the record, this isn’t “Corbin’s a great heel”. This is coming from someone who has stopped watching WWE weekly TV, canceled the network twice, and my two wrestling fan kids, barely pay attention anymore. 

Corbin is a fine midcard heel to do his schtick and then get his ass kicked.  The problem is that he wins ALL THE TIME.  If he was Elias this wouldn't be such a big problem.  I'd say Jinder was also up there as another example, but at least they finally came to their senses with him.