Who’s the better team

Take two tag teams and change the partners around. Who's the better team rapid fire style

DAMN.  OK, challenge accepted.  

Bret and Davey vs Dynamite Kid and Anvil

Bret and Davey were too close in style.  Kid as the heat and Anvil as the hot tag is MONEY.  

Hawk and Gordy vs Doc and Animal

How could the first team even make it to the ring under their own power before ODing?  Doc and Animal win by forfeit.  

Scott Steiner and Marty vs Rick Steiner and Shawn

Bro, that's fucked up.  Marty and Scott would be fighting over who gets to make sex with Marty's illegitimate daughter, so I feel like Rick and Shawn would mesh better.  But again, Shawn as the heat and Rick as the hot tag?  That's good shit.   

Tito Santana and Mark Briscoe vs Rick Martel and Jay Briscoe

Tito plus anyone is great.  He could make it work.  

Bobby Eaton and Matt Hardy vs Stan Lane and Jeff Hardy

I feel like Matt could slot into the Midnight Express formula REALLY easily, but I have a hard time seeing Lane making adjustments to mesh with Jeff.  Gotta go with Beautiful Bobby and Magnificent Matt.  

Kota ibushi and Robert Gibson vs Kenny Omega and Ricky Morton

They could book Omega and Morton as a team tomorrow and it'd be great.  

Booker T and Akeem vs Stevie Ray and Big Boss Man

Bro.  Come on, bro.  Stevie Ray and Big Bossman is like something out of an nWo B-Team nightmare scenario.  Booker's carrying three guys here by himself.  

Hogan and Austin vs Macho man and Triple H

Hogan and Austin seems like the easy choice, but the King of Kings and Macho King, aka the Kings of Kings, would probably be the better team.