Saturday Night is Adequate For Pugilism Thread

Hey, welcome to Saturday night!  Order a pizza, watch some wrestling, play some Animal Crossing, whatevs.  Remember, if you’ve got a hot tip on a turnip price on your island, HIT ME UP.  Not tonight, I already sold mine at 620 bells each this past week.  But after tomorrow.  I’m finally living loan-free, out of the shadow of Tom Nook’s capitalist tyranny!  Well, unless I want another room, but how likely is THAT?

NEWSFLASH:  Smackdown ratings are a little bit up again.  Perhaps the corner has been turned and America has just accepted shitty empty arena wrestling once and for all.

Fite.TV has indeed hooked me up with a free promo code for AEW Double or Nothing next Saturday, so if you’re outside of the US and would like to win a free PPV showing, stay tuned to my Twitter for further details!

Also, I don’t know what the hell is the problem with Disqus and not showing notifications or replies lately.  Good thing I don’t pay for it OH WAIT YES I DO.

Goddamn, finally started watching Stranger Things with the young one.  GODDAMN.  HOOK IT TO MY VEINS.

Here’s a fun video for your Saturday night, a topic dear to my heart:  DEADLY GREEN MIST.  They should do a Dark Side of the Ring on it.