Friday Night Party Thread: May 15, 2020


Just want to begin by saying thanks to those who chat here on the regular.  It’s a nice place where we can talk just about anything and people don’t stay mad.  Heck, today we came up with the idea for a series of future posts on the Blog (and a reason for me to once again abuse my author privileges)!  So, yeah, thanks y’all for making my life more fun.

News of the day: Rey Mysterio’s contract expires soon; according to Meltzer, it is likely though not certain he will re-up.  The bit on Monday was open-ended on purpose — if he re-signs, Rey/Rollins is a go; if he doesn’t, Rollins injured Rey so badly he left.

Also: With Edge making a return, many people have asked Christian whether he will also return.  Unfortunately, their injuries are not similar, and Christian himself is enjoying retirement, so… no reunion tag tour.

TONIGHT ON SMACKDOWN: What are Otis’s plans for the briefcase?  Who’s in the IC Title tournament?  Has Braun Strowman gotten the Fiend’s attention?  Just who is that hacker?  And why is Charlotte backstage?

All right folks, we went over the rules in the back.  Abide by the mod’s decisions at all times.  I expect a good, clean thread.  Now, touch gloves and come out posting!