WWF Action Zone – January 8th, 1995


January 8, 1995

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Todd Pettengill


King Kong Bundy w/ Ted DiBiase vs. British Bulldog

This match took place at the 12/13 “Wrestling Challenge” taping in Liberty, NY. Pettengill mocks Ross for wearing a suit on the Action Zone, which is supposedly the “hip” WWF show. Bulldog grabs a side headlock and Pettengill uses the “Toddostrater” to circle the hair on Bulldog’s head as a comparison to Bundy’s bald head. Bulldog works the arm then tries a slam but fails. Bundy beats on Bulldog in the corner then tosses him to the floor. Bundy jaws at the fans before taking Bulldog off of the apron with a clubbing forearm. Bulldog fights back and crawls underneath Bundy to get back into the ring. Bulldog lifts up Bundy but unable to slam him as Bundy falls on top for a nearfall right before the break. We return as Bundy works a chin lock. Bulldog escapes but runs into a knee smash as Bundy now chokes out Bulldog with his foot. Bulldog fights back and this time slams Bundy but blows out his knee and ends up on the outside. The ref checks on Bulldog, who is grabbing his right knee as we learn the match was stopped due to injury and Bundy is now the winner (7:53) 1/2*. The announcers now want to know how this injury will effect Bulldog heading into the Rumble. Bulldog is helped to the back by a pair of referees.

Thoughts: The story was whether or not Bulldog would be able to slam Bundy. And that is a basic story and all but the work here was bad. Bundy was a total slug and everything he did looked bad. And this not only plays into the Rumble but also the Holiday Wish Tour were these two are on opposite teams. Also, the commentary duo of Ross & Pettengill got off to a rough start here as Ross was not having any of Pettengill’s sophomoric humor but I can’t blame him too much as Pettengill’s jokes were mostly terrible.


We get a hype video for the 2nd Anniversary episode of “Monday Night RAW.”


An ad hyping up the Holiday Wish Tour airs.


A Kama vignette airs.


Henry Godwinn defeats Mike Moraldo in a match first shown on the 1/8/95 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” Ross also told us they will attempt to give us an update on Bulldog’s condition by the end of the show. We never did just to let you know.


Royal Rumble Report airs.


Aldo Montoya defeats Tony DeVito in a match first shown on the 1/8/95 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


WWF Greetings on Call ad airs.


The hosts rundown the Tag Team Title Tournament


Bam Bam Bigelow & Tatanka defeat Chris Kanyon & Nick Barberry in a match first shown on the 1/8/95 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


A hype video for next week’s featured match between Bigelow and the 1-2-3 Kid. And what a goofy package this was with a “growth vs. girth” tag line. The corny graphics and sound effects did not enhance anything. Well, at least it won’t be worse than this week’s featured match.


Kwang defeats Chris Avery in a match first shown on the 1/8/95 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


The Jeff Jarrett interview from the 1/8/95 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” airs.


Pam Anderson answering machine Royal Rumble ad airs.


Razor Ramon defeats Rich Myers in a match first shown on the 1/8/95 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Final Thoughts: The featured match sucked and we also saw the return of Ross on commentary as he would actually end up permanently replacing Vince as the color commentator. About as obvious of a sign you can get that Vince has given up on this show. We also saw a lot of production tweaks that were somewhat similar to what you saw on “Mania” and the show really now seemed to be skewing younger instead of focusing on the action that they kept telling us was not taking place on boring NFL pre game shows. Pettengill kept using a telestrator and it was terrible. The chemistry between Ross and Pettengill was non existent too and we can see if it gets better in the coming weeks.