Drew McIntyre = 1995 Diesel 2.0?

Hi Scott,

You might not have as much insight into this since you don't regularly watch weekly TV, but I can't help feeling like WWE is essentially taking the 1995 Diesel approach with McIntyre: smiling, always something peppy to say, joking with the backstage interviewers.  When the crowds were around, he was already trying to get this to play along, acting like they were his buds.  He'll get serious in the end, but it takes a moment to get there once he's done showing how jovial he can be.

Have you or any of the other Blog readers gotten the same sense of this?  Outside of empty arenas and all that, do you think it's dooming his title run from the outset?

I'd say the world has doomed his title reign because it was a shitty time and place and way to win it from Brock.  But it's pretty much impossible to make any fair guesses or comparisons until crowds are back and we can accurately gauge if people are going to buy him in the role or what.  I haven't been watching the weekly TV but his interview at the PPV was prime smiley-jokey Roman Reigns stuff.  Talking isn't his strong suit, to be sure.  But hey, they're trying, and he's around every week and defending the title and he's a good worker, so I'll take it.