The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 05.12.20 “Super Power”

The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 05.12.20

“Episode 21 – SUPER POWER”

Jesus, FINALLY they get to this episode after a couple of months of putting it off due to Covid.

So this was of course the “season finale” for Powerrr, which was supposed to be the go-home show for Crockett Cup, but with that PPV postponed (probably forever) I guess they’re just airing it and getting it over with.

Taped from Atlanta, GA

Your hosts are Joe Galli & Stu Bennett

Marty Scurll & Brody King join Dave at the desk to start, and Brody puts over Marty as a “genius of a boss”.  Apparently Nick Aldis’ time with the NWA World title is UP.  Or at least postponed for a couple of months.

Two weeks ago (Well, two months ago now), Kamille attacks the enemies of Thunder Rosa and then stares her down too for good measure.

Meanwhile, NWA Season One on DVD is now available for pre-order.  I mean, I don’t wanna be that way, but why would you want to pay to have it in 480P resolution when you can get the whole series in full HD for free?  And then watch it on your 85” 16K TV on the 3D YouTube app?

Last week, Thom Latimer announces that Kamille will soon be speaking.  And then we went off the air for two months.

Kamille v. Madi Maxx

Finally Kamille debuts in the ring.  She spears Maxx into the corner to start and throws her around the ring.  Madi fires up and gets a sunset flip, but Kamille blocks her and hits a leg lariat.  She puts Madi on the top rope and then brings her down with a Regal roll before finishing with the spear at 2:28.  Eh, Kamille looked pretty awkward and almost gawky at times out there, but Madi is cute and bumped well for her.  Hopefully they keep Madi around.  *  Afterwards, Kamille teases speaking, as promised last time, but then just walks off again.

And then we get a video package, where Kamille does indeed speak, and narrates her life story about how she was a great baseball player and everyone hated her for it.  I think they were better off keeping her silent. She just comes off as a second rate Charlotte here.

The Rock N Roll Express join Sean Mooney at the desk, and although last year they got knocked out of the Crockett Cup in the first round by the Briscoes, this year they’ve got another shot at it.  Well, unless a global pandemic wipes out wrestling for months, but how likely is THAT?

The Rock N Roll Express v. Aron Stevens & The Question Mark

Question Mark uses KARATE on Ricky to start, but Stevens comes in and misses an elbow, then immediately hides in the ropes.  “That was an illegal move!  He moved illegally!”  I’m not sure that would stand up in court.  Question Mark comes in and puts Ricky down with a chop, but then Stevens comes in and immediately gets double-teamed by the RNR before doing a Flair Flop.  Morton gets two from that.  Finally Aron rakes the eyes and chokes Ricky out on the ropes, but Trevor Murdoch comes out to watch the proceedings, prompting Stevens to call timeout and cut a promo.  “Trevor, I thought you were injured, I guess you fluked honesty.”  But then Stevens introduces “Question Mark Jr.”, who weighs “450 Mongroves”, and the announcers are PRETTY sure it’s Brian Milonis from the Bouncers under the mask.  So he chokes out Ricky behind the ref’s back, but he gets blown up from that and collapses.  And then Stevens is so annoyed that Morton is able to sneak up with a schoolboy for the pin at 5:24.  Just a comedy match but it was fun.  *1/2

Zicky Dice gives us a few seconds to hit “record” on our VCRs while he shows off the NWA TV title.

Melina joins Kyle at the desk, and she’s pretty sure that her legendary status is enough to justify a title shot at Thunder Rosa.  They bring out Allysin Kay, and she’d rather take out Melina before going after the title again.  So this brings out Thunder Rosa, who is OVER Melina’s “help” and wants to be a clean champion from now on.  So she challenges both Melina and Kay to a triple threat match at Crockett Cup.

Meanwhile, we get a video package with Tim Storm putting over his 95 year old Momma Storm, which of course leads to Danny Deals dressing up as Momma and then introducing Jax Dane as his new enforcer.

No DQ:  Tim Storm v. Jax Dane

Dane was the guy that Tim won the NWA title from years ago, so he’s going for REVENGE here.  Dane attacks on the floor and beats on Storm with various stuff, but Storm fights back and runs him into the stairs.  They fight into the crowd and go up the aisle, fighting all the way.  Dane runs him into the fence at the top and clubs him down, but Storm runs the gate into Dane.  Dane slugs him down again and Storm bumps down the stairs, but comes back and runs Dane into the Crockett Cup, which actually dents the cup.  They trade forearms by the announce desk and then switch to HARD chops, but Jax takes him down with a belly to belly on the floor.  Back in the ring (or actually the first time in the ring) and Dane sets up a chair in the corner, but Storm blocks that and comes back with the big boot.  But Dane no-sells it and hits Storm with a samoan drop.  And Storm gets right up from that, as Dane charges like a moron and runs into his own chair.  Perfect Storm finishes at 8:41.  Hell of a hard-fought brawl here.  ***  So Storm gets 5:00 with Danny Deals as a result of the win, and Danny decides to put on his Momma Storm gear (over top of his “Tony Falk’s Waffles and Tire Irons” shirt) for the psychological advantage.  “He’s not Momma” the crowd notes, stating the obvious.  So Deals goes in for the hug, looking for compassion and forgiveness, at which point Storm hits him with the Perfect Storm to put his lights out and gets his revenge for Deals making fun of his Momma.  DO NOT MESS WITH MOMMA STORM.  This was just simple, fun, babyface v. heel classic wrestling stuff.

Meanwhile, May Valentine does a vlog recapping the jealousy of Royce Isaacs, even though Sal is just her best friend and absolutely nothing more.  The whole thing cost her 100 followers!

Marti Belle v. Tasha Steelz v. Ashley Vox

Steelz overpowers Vox to start, but Vox drops an elbow on her for two.  Belle gets rid of Vox and stomps a mudhole on Tasha in the corner for two, but Vox saves.  Belle puts both of them down and gets two counts on both.  Vox fights back, but Belle gets a lariat for two.  Vox takes Steelz down with an armbar, but Belle saves with a pump kick and puts Vox on the apron.  Steelz catches Belle with an Eat Defeat, however, and gets the pin at 4:53.  Just a match.  Wasn’t awful, but it was mostly just them trading strikes and wandering around the ring.  ½*  They should have left this one in the editing bay.

Meanwhile, Eddie Kingston recruits Eli Drake & James Storm to counter the Pope’s Bouncers.  So back at the desk, Eddie and his new friends have history “at other certain companies” that they can’t talk about, and then we get the usual catchphrases from Eli and James leading up to the Crockett Cup.  Three really good talkers just talking.

Brody King & Marty Scurll v. Nick Aldis & Thom Latimer

Marty starts with Aldis right away, but Nick tags out to Latimer to be a dick.  So King comes in and they trade shoulderblocks until Latimer dropkicks him.  And Brody chops him right back down.  King gives Latimer the chops and slugs Aldis off the apron, and that brings in Scurll.  King throws knees from the apron, which draws the ire of the referee, so Scurll clearly establishes NO MORE KNEES because it’ll be a DQ.  And then when the ref’s back is turned, he goes over and fakes a back injury from a phantom knee thrown by Aldis and tries to talk the ref into a DQ.  Doesn’t work, sadly.  The Villains double-team Latimer in the corner and send him to the floor, where Scurll hits a kick from the apron.  Latimer runs him into the post, however, and back in Aldis finally tags in.  Aldis chokes him out on the ropes and they double-team Marty in the corner and drop elbows for two.  Latimer with the chinlock and he tries a suplex, but Marty reverses to his own and it’s hot tag Brody.  He hits Latimer with a german suplex and puts him on the floor.  Scurll hits the superkick and sets up the finger break, but Kamille and Royce Isaacs come down and Marty has to fight them off.  Brody comes back in and tries to powerbomb Latimer, but he goes low on King and Aldis drops the flying elbow for the pin at 9:47.  This was a good setup for the Crockett Cup main event which won’t happen, unfortunately.  ***

And we close with Billy Corgan saying that he doesn’t want to fold the NWA, but next week is a new show called “Carnyland”.

I’ve missed this show very much and I hope they pull out a miracle and restart tapings at some point, but honestly this felt like them burning off their last content before shutting it down.  But best of luck to them in keeping things going when the world starts up again.  Hopefully they pick up Heath Slater when that happens because he’d fit in great here.