Sting in AEW

Sting’s contract with WWE is up and AEW has a ppv. The last time AEW debuted a title belt, Bret Hart brought it out. What are the chances, former WCW icon, TNT regular Sting debuts to introduce the TNT Title at Double or Nothing?

And while I can’t see him wrestling, Sting on TV interacting with Arn, Tully, Schiavone, Jericho, JR, Jake and the Rhodes brothers will be great TV

Imagine Sting comes in and THAT triggers Arn to turn on Cody because he’s just so used to turning on Sting!

You think Cody and Tony Khan can pull this off and how would you use Sting in AEW?

I think Sting is better off staying in WWE for the legends money honestly.  I just don’t see a place for him in AEW.