Just watched the broadcast of this match from Wrestlemania III.  As a 35 plus year fan of wrestling,  and a huge fan of both Savage and Steamboat,  I can't help but think “greatest match of all time” is a bit of a stretch.  Its obviously really, really good with a great final 7 minutes or so.  But the all time best?  Maybe the best under 15 minute match ever is a more proper title?

I don't think anyone really claims it as “The greatest match of all time.”  It was certainly surpassed by Flair-Steamboat just two years later and then by Razor-Shawn and Bret-Owen in 94.  In fact it wasn't even the best match in North America that YEAR!  Flair-Windham was a modern masterpiece that was state of the art wrestling.  However, Savage-Steamboat had the storyline, the emotion, the drama, and all the intangibles of wrestling that made people into lifelong fans who are still slogging through this empty arena shit 30 years later chasing that high again.