Dusty & the nWo

Good afternoon once again, sir:


I am casually watching WCW chronologically from the beginning of 1998. They were doing some interesting things at the time, many of which would make perfect sense at the time (Hogan/Savage nWo rift, Nash hot coffee + killing the Giant,
JJ Dillon as the cure for insomnia). Something that did NOT make sense was the turn of Dusty Rhodes to join the nWo.


Dusty had been, along with Zybysko and my all-time favorite announcer Tony Schiavone, the most abashedly anti-nWo voices on WCW television from the inception of the nWo. There was no lead up, and the explanation given two weeks later on
Thunder (!!!) after barely mentioning it in the aftermath didn’t really pass the logic test, in my view.


So, to the question: why do you think Eric and the creative component in WCW at the time chose to make this change? It didn’t create a buzz because Dusty wasn’t even a semi-active at the time, and it wasn’t like Scott Hall needed someone
to talk for him, and it also wasn’t like the nWo needed more members standing around in the ring during the multitude of interview segments they had on both Nitro and Thunder at the time. Most times I can at least come to a semi-logical conclusion for a move
like this, but I believe I am at a loss.


I have similarly never understood the turn, either.  As noted, it made no sense and helped no one.  Probably just a thing to do to be “edgy” or something, I dunno.