Bret at WM17?

Hey Scott

Let’s say Bret Hart got cleared from concussion, made up with Vince and was available to work WM17. What would have been the best way to use him? Do you run Bret vs Vince? Does HBK clean himself up to finally lay down for The Hitman? Or does Bret, the wrestling God, strike down Hunter??
That would also assume that Vince would have been willing to buy out Bret's plump WCW contract to free him up, which I don't see happening.  Although the irony of THAT would be delicious!  Anyway, the logistics of having WCW guys in general working that show don't really work because you'd be wasting his return with zero buildup, but if we're playing pretend then yes, absolutely they do the match with Vince McMahon there and cash in while they can.