Why no Von Erich Brother vs. Brother feud?

Hi Scott,
hopefully you all are still safe and healthy in these crazy times.
Started watching RAW from the beginning late last year and have now gotten to the beginning of the awesome Bret vs. Owen program and it brought me to another thing that I have been watching for over a year now on the Network: World Class from its start until where I am currently in December 1987 and one question:
Why didn't Fritz ever do the idea of letting one of his boys turn heel and do a brother vs. brother/s program similar to the Bret vs. Owen program?
I know that the Von Erichs vs. Freebirds feud did gangbusters from 1982-84 and for a year the Dynamic Duo continued doing respectable gates, but it would have been an interesting twist for one of the Von Erichs to turn and align themselves with the Freebirds/Dynamic Duo and fight against his own family. Even where I am now in the down year of 1987 where Kerry returns, you could have made an angle about Kevin turning on Kerry for all the sympathy outpouring towards the latter for returning from his long injury and overshadowing Kevin. Would probably not have saved World Class but could have been a better program than any other feud they did during that time.
Only things I could think about speaking against it would be Fritz being unable to keep to kayfabe and keep any member of the family from interacting with each other off the road for any long period of time and also the Von Erich kids lack of charisma in that regard (I mean, they got a bit better from their Jumpin' Jeff Farmer promo levels in 1982, but they probably would have been as charismatic as Brian Adias/Adidas was in the heel role in 1986/87).
Yeah, but in Fritz's eyes, all of his sons were the Hogan-like conquering superheroes, so I can't see him ever letting them go heel.  Just having David be a heel in Florida probably stuck in his craw as it was.