Perry Saturn

What ever happened to the guy?  I remember being a big fan of his in the late 90's WCW and the storyline with him breaking away from Raven was one of the best midcard stories they did at the time.  He seemed to be with WCW when it was hot and then jumped to WWF when it was hot.  Then disappeared.  Was he just lost in the shuffle with all the bigger stars?  Did he ever come back with TNA or some other indy company?  You don't hear much about him nowadays.
Much like many others, he ran into some pretty serious drug problems.  In fact, there was a long stretch after his WWE run where people literally had no idea where he was and thought he might be dead.  And then last I heard a couple of years ago, he had popped up again and was at least alive and doing better.  But his last match was sometime in 2013 according to cagematch, so he's sure not doing much in the business at the moment.