Rebooting question – take a drink

It’s Royal Rumble 98. Shawn Michaels manages to not destroy his back in the casket match against the Undertaker, and remains the incredibly talented performer, but also the pilled up pain in the ass, that he had been. He doesn’t need to retire, and DX doesn’t need to rebuild. Austin still wins the Rumble, setting up the Mania match – but Michaels won’t be forced to retire, get married, and find Jesus afterward. 

What, if anything, plays out differently going forward with the attitude era?

I think Shawn gets talked by Hall and Nash into jumping to WCW for guaranteed money after Vince gets tired of his bullshit.  Then Shawn has no support system to keep him from self-destructing and ends up frustrated by WCW screwing up his push, throws a tantrum, and ends up dead in his hotel room from an overdose around 2000.