Tag teams

Here's a question for ya given Billy Gunn being one of the best tag wrestlers in the world (if you've never seen any other team ever):

If you were compiling for newer fans a list of matches some of the greatest teams ever had, which match would you pick that would be the best example of that team's work?  That if you saw them in that one match you would “get” them?  Doesn't have to be their best match.  Would you agree with this list?

For example:
Midnight Express – vs the Southern Boys at Bash 90
Rock and Roll Express – vs Ole and Arn, Starrcade 86
Tully and Arn – vs Demolition, 2/3 falls, SNME
Hart Foundation – couldn't decide: Demos at SummerSlam 90 or Rockers on SNME
Road Warriors – vs Ivan and Nikita Koloff, Superstars on the Superstition Feb 1985
Steiners – vs Vader and Bam Bam Bigelow, Japan 
 British Bulldogs – vs Valentine/Beefcake, WM2
Rockers – vs Rose and Somers, cage match
Doom – vs Steiners, Capitol Combat 90

Which other teams would you add?

The whole thing is very subjective and it's hard to just “get” a team or a concept after one match.  I'd actually swap out a Rockers-Brainbusters match for the Rose/Somers cage match, though.  The cage match is mostly just Shawn getting beat up and selling gloriously and doesn't really tell you much about them as a team.  And put the Bulldogs with the Hart Foundation because they had much more representative matches with each other.