High Fidelity

Hi Scott,

Long time reader, first time emailer;

I recall a LONG time ago reading your review of the DVD for High Fidelity; I love the Cusack movie, and recently picked up the book for cheap, and enjoyed it almost as much as the movie.

Two questions:

1.Have you ever read the book?

2. As Hulu is rebooting it as a series with Zoe Kravitz of all people as the lead, would you ever consider  watch that?

Thanks for continuing to write and review; reading your stuff is a nice way to forget about the world for a bit.

God I love that movie.  
Anyway, yes, I actually picked up a 3-in-1 collection of High Fidelity with his other two books (Fever Pitch and About a Boy) a long time ago.  Interesting how they all got converted from English to American so effortlessly.  Nick Hornby's a great writer.  
As for the reboot, I dunno.  Add it to the list of “Stuff that I might watch someday” I guess.