Friday Night Party Thread: May 8, 2020

We made it!

Money in the Bank is just two days away, and it looks like they’re going to make the people run all through the building trying to find a way to the roof.  If Vince puts the Shrine of the Silver Monkey in one of the rooms it’s an automatic five stars.

Tonight’s main event is Nakamura/Cesaro/Corbin vs. Bryan/Gulak/X.  With a wide open sixth slot, this match has the potential to oh who am I kidding it’s gonna be Elias.

Make sure to say hi to your mother this weekend, even if it’s over the phone.  Also, German soccer, NASCAR, and golf look to be re-starting soon.  One can only hope the indies re-open before the year’s over.

Folks, we’ve gone over the rules in the back.  Respect the mod’s ruling at all times.  I want a good clean thread.  Now, touch (latex) gloves, get six feet away in your corner, and be ready to come out posting.

Enjoy the weekend!