Does Bischoff get the credit he deserves?

Hey Scott,

Following up on the email about Hogan getting the appropriate amount of credit for starting the second boom period…does Eric Bischoff get the proper credit for being the prototype to the Mr. McMahon character. 

Bischoff was really the first heel authority figure. He turned in November 1996 when Vince was still a commentator. And his heel authority role was such a great role I think it forced Vince to acknowledge he was the owner and lead to his becoming the heel authority figure. 

Wasn't Mr. McMahon just a rip-off (albeit a very good one) of what Bischoff has been doing for more than a year already?
Vince himself already prototyped the character in Memphis in 1993.  It was awesome.  Plus heel authority figures were't exactly a new thing anyway.  And Mr. McMahon was a unique kind of fourth-wall-breaking evil boss where it was a “character” but it was so based on reality (or what we believed reality to be) that it worked on multiple levels.  Bischoff was a guy in a motorcycle jacket being fake sincere.  Big difference.