The ESSENTIAL Thursday Night Thread: May 7, 2020

Today’s pearl of wisdom comes from old-timey acquaintance of mine and Cultaholic presenter Tom Campbell:

“Never compare your behind the scenes to other people’s greatest hits.”

Basically piggybacking off the “everyone is having trouble, don’t beat yourself up for being less together as someone else” conversation.  Hang tough.  Better days are ahead.

Tomorrow on this blog, our Joshi division files a report on Manami Toyota vs The World!  Eh, my money isn’t on World in this one.

Let’s have some fun — who were the world/national level champions on your 18th birthday?  I have Shawn Michaels, Sting, and Shane Douglas.

And now, some viewing.

You know, I had so much fun with that WWN show last time that I’m gonna post another one!  This has Bryan Danielson, Austin Aries, the late Larry Sweeney, the underappreciated Alison Danger, Roderick Strong, and more!

Two of the best grapplers in wrestling today square off as ROH’s Jonathan Gresham takes on MMA alum Tom Lawlor!

I’ve seen both of these women live, and they are wonderful people and great at wrestling — it’s Impact Wrestling’s Jordynne Grace facing ex-NXT wrestler Deonna Purrazzo!

Let’s throw our puro friends a bone: from BOSJ 26, it’s Shingo Takagi facing SHO!

And we top it off with an Apuesta!  The Mexican sensation Black Dragon challenges the French luchador Gallo Frances — someone is losing their mask!