So let me get this straight

Aew says it practices Social distancing yet clearly doesn’t

There’s f*cking kids there during the main event in the back and ton of people clearly not social distancing

Brandi gets almost molested on tv by Jake ( and let’s not talk about her stupid promo that no one was asking for as she thinks she’s a huge star and trailblazer for marring Cody )

But that’s all ok cause it’s aew and people liked the show? Vince does any of that and people rip the shit out of him ( rightful so) but nothing from the kool aid drinking fans of aew.

Tough times we live in indeed. My love for wrestling is dying these days and all that above didn’t help.


Come on, “molested”?  There’s plenty of valid criticisms without getting silly about it.  The Brandi deal was fine.  
But yeah, they should have been much further apart out there.