Dustin / Spears

Good afternoon sir,


I was considering how, on this week’s Dynamite, we had Spears specifically addressing the Dustin-Archer tournament match finish where Cody did not want the towel thrown in on Dustin. Then, in a semi-refreshing bit of continuity, had Shawn
Spears address it on Dynamite – essentially calling Cody a bad brother for letting Dustin get whipped worse that he theoretically would have been if the towel had been thrown in by QT Marshall.


Which brings me to this: do you think it would be the most reasonable play, in the context of the story, to have Dustin turn on Cody for the inaction and become Shawn Spear’s partner? I know there are some voices around the blog thinking
that the angle with Spears looking for a partner was dropped, but I would like to think that AEW is a little bit better about more consistently paying those things off – up to this point, anyways. Do you think this factor will play into the TNT Championship
finale at Double or Nothing? Maybe Archer gets the belt when Dustin turns and aligns with Spears?


Always a pleasure to read your work – yours is the only site I will infallibly read daily, irrespective of genre.


Thank you!  I really do appreciate the loyalty from my fanbase and I'm honored that even in crazy times like these, people would choose to spend their time discussing my silly wrestling reviews.  I am constantly amazed and humbled by the e-mails I get, most of which I don't post, which basically just say “Thank you for continuing to pump out content and provide entertainment for us”.  Which is exactly why I continue take time out of my life to do so.

Anyway, real world talk aside, I can absolutely see Dustin turning on Cody given the seeds sewn by Spears this week.  Partially because it would make sense given their fragile relationship, and partially because Cody is a Rhodes and eventually everyone in his life must turn on him.  Like, come on, I know you didn't think you needed a new Horsemen of Arn, Tully, Dustin and Spears making Cody's life miserable, but I'm pretty sure you do.