Best tag team wrestler


      Who would you say is the best, both kayfabe and non kayfabe, tag team wrestler of all time. Is it Bobby Eaton for both? Could you make a case for Billy Gunn from a kayfabe standpoint? Etc…

Billy Gunn is not on the list of greatest anything.  Eaton ranks way up there on both lists, but I guess it depends on what the criteria are.  Success with multiple teams?  Heights reached with those teams?  Because the Midnights only had a couple of brief runs as World champions and never even made it to the WWF.  There's a pretty strong case for Shawn Michaels, who held the tag team titles with multiple people and was a main event star with all of them, plus was in one of the all-time great tag teams with the Rockers.  Ditto Steve Austin. You could probably add Arn Anderson as well since he was in two iconic tag teams in the 80s, and THEN went onto another great team with Eaton himself in the 90s.