The Wednesday Night War Thread!

Followup!  After several e-mail discussions and YouTube reviews, I decided to go with the Amazon Fire HD 10″ version as my comic reader / Kindle reader of choice, since it’s currently on for $159 Canadian on Amazon and it’s apparently super-easy to put the Google Play store on it.  WWE Network isn’t available for it but then WWE Network isn’t available on much up here anyway so that wasn’t much of a consideration.  I had been looking at the 7″ version but apparently the performance boost at the bigger size is worth the extra money.  Most importantly, as pointed out by Night in a series of passionate e-mails to me on the subject, Disney Plus will allow me to watch all the Star Wars movies and series in glorious 1080 resolution.

OK, techie stuff over with.

TONIGHT!  Dynamite returns to live broadcasting from Daily’s Place, which means they can theoretically put a hundred or so people in there and keep them far apart.  They probably won’t, but it would be neat.

NXT has a loaded show as well.

Hope everyone enjoyed the Flashback this morning.  A few people have asked about how stuff like the Dark Side reviews were doing, so here’s a snapshot of the last seven days, which will show you that the blog is apparently shedding casual viewers just like WWE is right now.  Keep in mind that a PPV normally does 12,000 pageviews and Dynamite does 8000 in the pre-Covid world.

Yeah.  Ugh.

Enjoy the night!